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  1. The one that surprised me is Walmart in Mexico. (But I guess they don't factor the cartels into the rankings...)
  2. I was just about to say... And finance, too. I guess building things has fallen into disfavor globally.
  3. This is an interesting concept: Bring people into Phuket/Samui for the first week to isolate the vast majority of incoming infections and then let them out in dribs and drabs to see other places. Given Samui's experience (and with the new data the ten extra travelers/day will provide) the sealed route nonsense will be dropped quickly. Regardless of how eff'ed up this sounds like on paper it does provide a starting point. The Phuket Sandbox, which has garnered more than a plurality of negative comments on the forums, has resulted in a daily average of about 7,000 people running around Phuket than were there prior to the sandbox. Give this "charming" plan some time, they'll come to their senses and open CM up as their goals won't be met nor their worst fears realized.
  4. Gotta remember, though, the southern border wall had segments that would self-topple in a stiff breeze.
  5. China's GDP growth over the past few decades has been driven by domestic spending on everything from infrastructure to housing blocks. Dozens (hundreds?) of new cities appeared out of nowhere and, like the empty spaces before, had nobody living in them. The impact in TLOS will be a lack of new buyers as the CCP seeks to bump up domestic investment under the threat of ending up like the several billionaires that stepped onto the wrong side of the line. Luckily, there are all of three foreign nationals (maybe zero?) who own any property in China so the downstream effects in the west are probably going to be short lived.
  6. This failed miserably in Samui. Why would they think it will work in CM? One definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
  7. I think your exactly right in your estimation but I think that yeast might take your final SG a bit lower than that and you may end up closer to 14%. A slightly less "assertive" yeast (my go-to is Red Star Cote des Blancs at 16% alcohol tolerance, EVC profile, and moderate speed) might give you a better end product. I've found that the high alcohol tolerant, fast yeasts leave a really sharp edge on the finished product. This is a handy chart: https://www.piwine.com/media/pdf/yeast-selection-chart.pdf
  8. Dessert update: I could live on this stuff. And it's a cool neighborhood. https://fantasticfoodsearch.com/ffsbangkok/map?place=618&mapIt=618
  9. This far in advance it's anybody's guess. But, if they implement a sandbox model as in Phuket, you'll have to be vaxxed and stay in a hotel at night. You can go home during the day. But two months is at least 3 to 5 revisions in the entry rules.
  10. Good night! That will be some powerful wine. That yeast will ferment dry up to 18%!
  11. First, Thailand has no provisions for foreigners (or anybody?) to open an account online. You have to go to a bank branch and do it F2F. Second, you'll have to look into the regulations, both corporate and IRS, for hiring foreigners remotely. At the very least, as an employee your fiancé will need an SSN for withholding taxes and need to file a 1040 of some kind. Alternatively, she could set up a Thai company and bill your company, but that sounds like a complete can of worms. There may be other ways but none spring to mind right now. You probably want to get a pro involved on one end or the other to figure out your best course of action.
  12. Pumpkin coconut custard ice cream. The all-purpose solution.
  13. Which part? The "proper mass testing" or "never told the truth"? China, over the past several decades, has developed a highly functional disease control system. You'll see headlines like: "Two farmers test positive for bird flu, 20 million chickens culled". They have the tools and the skills. What they don't have is the ability to say - to the world - "Oops. We've got something here." It happened with SARS-1 early this century and with SARS-2 in 2019/2020. It's (IMO) due to the intersection of 3,500 years of cultural identity, the concept of "face", and the reluctance to be laughed at for screwing up. You will never hear the words "we messed up" coming from any east-Asian nation.
  14. You probably already have. As a salmon (breeds in fresh water but moves to the ocean) it's called steelhead and is pretty common. As a trout (when only living in fresh water) it's called rainbow and is inedible.
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