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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I will start my quest to enjoy affordable, yet delicious burgers and beverages in Buriram.
  2. Thanks. I looked at the London Steak facebook page and some of the Burgers looked ginormous. Like a "shared" hamburger on a plate of food destine to start a medical condition. Surely they must serve normal sizes. I'll check it out.
  3. Thanks for posting the videos on this thread. I only recall one former guest of the British Queen who would hold court at Roma Pizza first location in Buriram. Maybe Buriram is lucky to not attract characters such as Sharky.
  4. I feel so sad for the honest meter taxi drivers and grab taxi drivers I encountered in trips to Bangkok. However, some taxi owners might now be able to fix the "broken meter".
  5. King Cotton: Very inspirational post. Yes we can be blessed in Isaan with a spouse who is focused on your happiness.
  6. What did the OP find on his trip to Buriram and any forced hotel stay?
  7. I've been away and I see there are changes to restaurants in Buriram. Roma Pizza is gone. Parisan Bistro is now a Kebab place. Up a Notch raised prices. Where can you recommend for a quality burger, hopefully serving amber of the Gods, at under 200 baht? Nang Rong has an amazing place run by a Frenchman, but I am looking for suggestions in Buriram proper. Thanks in advance.
  8. We certainly have enough water in the local reservoir as of September 17th. Somedays the Buriram Army Base Golf course is too wet for a comfortable outing.
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