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  1. Once it was July, then October 1, then again October 15 and now maybe November 1. So in the last 3 months nothing has changed, the vaccinations are either not available due to a no-supply, or they have been supplied and the men in the suits have diverted them to maximise their bank accounts. Then there is the Tourist, loaded down with money and he wants to land in the country of smiles, but he cannot because the system is set against him. Certificate of Entry, Form T8, Visa, Passport, Insurance for $100000, ASQ Hotel at approximately 1000bahts per square metre of room space, Test before he leaves his country, Test twice whilst in lockdown, then the horrendous flight charges, double and sometimes triple of what was 2019 prices. Come on, wake up, everyone is hurting, Time to unlock to double vaccinated people, or perhaps the suits want the population to be so wrecked that they will not fight for themselves.
  2. I read in the Bangkok Post, the insane amount of money spend on repairing bodies due to the effects of tobacco consumption. This is text taken directly from the BP. (A survey in 2017 showed 72,656 people died from illnesses caused by smoking. Meanwhile, the Public Health Ministry spends 77 billion baht annually to treat smoking-induced disease and illness.) End of quote. The authorities can spend 77Billion and no one says, 'Let's jack up the duty to insane heights'. Why not? The revenue 'lost' from reduced sales can be recouped from the manufacturers. A strong message and a sea change is what s required, if the health of the nation is to be taken care of. The farmers who grow the tobacco, could stay at home and have a pension each week, which would not get anywhere near the 77Billion being used to treat pulmonary illnesses. I only mention this dreadful number of deaths, to say it slips by hardly noticed, but utter Covid and WOW! the end of the world is coming. It makes one think that of the current Covid coffin count, how many were tobacco users? Dying and getting dead is permanent, I know, but surely the authorities could address this issue with some speed. As for the major manufacturers, they are diversifying from the tobacco they peddle into new ventures with the hope that people will not see them as the purveyors of health destroying mediums. Sport has pulled back from tobacco sponsorship for many years now, FI, Cricket, Football all appreciate being tarnished with tobacco, is a real no-no. Yes, I was a smoker, 25 years ago, so, I was as stupid as the rest. But then we have the tobacco smugglers, catch them and treat them the same as drug smugglers, the penalty can be what is necessary to make life a real pain. Or is it easier to let the poor to continue to die? Yes, it is the mainly the poor that use tobacco to ease the burden of the day.
  3. The World is going to have to learn to LIVE WITH this virus, just like we do with the flu each winter. The politicians have no more grip on the situation, than we do, the scientists by their very nature, will err on the side of caution for fear of being sued or losing face, if they get it wrong. So flip-flopping like a sardine in a net is the standard fare for politicians. Double vaccinated and tested visitors should be welcome into the country, they will already be insured up to their ears by the regulations, so there will not be a drain on the financial resources of any treatment room. Sadly, I read that yet another hundred or so die each day, but what else is the population dying of? Or have all the other ailments been netted into Covid-19, or maybe the other diseases don't count anymore? Mask up, and get on with it if you have been double vaccinated, of course you can stay home and wait!
  4. General Milley's job was to defend the country, Trump was obviously in the General's eyes unstable, so he took it upon himself to look after the interests of the USA. However, Trump did do his own private negotiations with Putin, off camera, off the record, Trump cosied up to 'Rocket Man' of North Korea, again doing things off the record. But he was elected by the American people blinded by the promises, whereas Milley was given a job to do, he wasn't elected. The problem we have across the world is that no one has any scruples or honour left in them, they BS the populous, they lie, they swindle and they get away with it. Maybe Milley is hoping he can get away with it, just like Snowden, remember him?
  5. Thank you for the welcome. BKK and its surrounding area hold little interest for me. Kamphaeng Phet and its history, is where the story is. I just need to know that I can arrive do the lockdown or not and then leave the area for the peace of the countryside. Without a firm commitment from the politicians Thailand will slip further into the red. So we all wait.
  6. Hello Community, My wish is to travel to Thailand in October 2021; I have had the two vaccinations and can be ready to travel as soon as the visa is available. I have held off visiting Thailand, because there has been no firm commitment by the authorities, to say when the country will be open. 1st or 15th October or when, January 2022 perhaps? Does anyone know for sure that by visiting Pattaya in October and completing the 14 day quarantine, will I be able to travel north to Kamphaeng Phet 62000, based upon the current restrictions? There does not seem to be any information that I can rely on. Any help will be useful. Thandks E
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