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  1. I live in a village in rural Ubon Ratchathani province. Generally the only people in my village speaking Isaan now are the oldest generation or those speaking to a member of that generation. I know my Mother-in-law generally only speaks Isaan, my wife and step-daughter speak Isaan to her but Thai to everyone else. To me I fear that Isaan as a dialect will slowly disappear as it seems the schools my daughter has been to only teach Thai now. My daughter only learnt it because in her formative early years, my wife was away from the farm working and my mother-in-law cared for her granddaughter like so many Thai families seem to do. Hence she learnt it first hand from her Grandmother. My village most days is full of smiles. I am sure some of them are smiles of amusement as I struggle with the right tonal inflection when speaking Thai! Still can't seem to get it right! But most are simply the way people are, something that I continue to love and admire.
  2. But whilst his meeting with the Russian Chief of Staff was well publicised as per the report, that report also says he had been talking and co-ordinating over the phone for some time. Were all those calls publicised? What difference does it really make if it was publicised or not? My question comes back to whether he was authorised to have such discussions as part of his duties. The article seems to make out he isn't the first Chairman to do so, which suggests others have been permitted to do so. What was the authority given to him by the administration who appointed him and was it later changed? Without such answers supported by proof, this has all the hallmarks of one of those sad political "gotcha" spins trying to push attention away, probably from something else that was written in the same book.
  3. I must admit, I have been intrigued at the response to this. Not being American I have no personal opinion on what should happen. To me that is up for them to decide. However, I do find the surprise at the General speaking to a Chinese general a bit confusing as to why now. After all, there seems to be a very well publicised meeting with the Russian Chief of Staff in 2019. I wouldn’t have thought the US would class the Russians much different to the Chinese. https://www.defense.gov/Explore/News/Article/Article/2043133/top-us-russian-military-leaders-meet-to-improve-mutual-communication/ Acknowledging the US desire for civilian command of their military, was there a change in his authority to have such discussions when the Acting Secretary of Defence was appointed after the election last year. The Acting Secretary seems to be suggesting he wouldn’t have allowed it. But thinking isn’t sufficient. Was there an order issued, how was it communicated to the General and what actual evidence is there of this. These to me, are at the moment, important missing pieces of information in determining right or wrong. Putting any partisan politics and the usual to and fro and back and forth aside for the moment, answer this simple question. Was he allowed to or not and if not when and how was he told not to do it? If there is clear evidence he ignored or went against a legal order, then I would suggest there is plenty of legal precedent for him to step aside and be punished if the law so dictates it to be appropriate. If not, then once again it will be just another sad example of partisan politics and point scoring. In the seeming confusion of the post US election last year, it wouldn’t surprise me if no order was given or someone simply didn’t even think to tell the General.
  4. People do tend to believe what they want from statistics. Consider for example the latest COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report from the TGA Australia. This body is the one that monitors approvals and adverse effects in Australia. Now I know this is not the UK body and Aussies like to show up the Poms whenever they can, however unlike some though, it seems to publish results of findings of investigations in these reports rather than just “reported” effects on vaccinations. https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-16-09-2021#section-953 “Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 12 September 2021, over 22.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. So far, the TGA has found that 9 reports of deaths were linked to immunisation from 535 reports received and reviewed. These deaths occurred after the first dose of the Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) vaccine – 8 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). The overwhelming majority of deaths reported to the TGA following vaccination occurred in people aged 65 years and older.” Personally, I wish the UK bodies were so open so we could all truly understand what is really happening. But to use the Australian figures included above only as a demonstration of how any stats can be manipulated, including those reported in the first news article, consider the following. Based on those TGA reported figures only, if you decide to get a vaccine shot in Australia it seems you have a 1 in 2,533,333 (2.53 million) chance of actually dying from the vaccine itself. Or a 1 in 42,616 chance of being “reported as death as an adverse effect” from the vaccine itself. So, my conclusion is this and this only! If you happen to be in Australia, have made a choice to get a vaccine shot, are aged over 65 and the 2,533,332nd person in the queue to get the shot, I suggest you might just think about feeling generous and giving the person behind you the chance to go first!
  5. Hi all, Just an observation and request! It would be nice to see a topic that involves the word vaccination not change into another discussion on the virtues of vax versus not-vax! I know it is a hot topic but feel there is plenty of opportunity already for all to discuss such matters without having to do it so often. If you can at least find a way to relate your comments to the topic it would be really appreciated and help those members who are expecting a conversation about the topic! Moderator
  6. What gets me is the stated need to have US$100,000 medical coverage even though they are investing millions! Wasn't the argument for medical coverage on other visas all about foreigners not paying or being able to pay health costs?
  7. When he gets out of hospital the boy will probably be charged with deliberately damaging a police vehicle and the driver awarded a medal for his bravery!
  8. Hi Guys, A couple of points from what I have been told. Articles from the Thaiger are automatically placed in the news section. We don't move them as the Thaiger Forum also acts as the "comments" section for the Thaiger. Members have varying interests and needs. Hard to judge a topic before posting! But comments noted! Thanks Moderator
  9. Well I hope everyone enjoyed that little foray into writing stuff off topic. It has all been removed! Let's at least try and make some effort to associate our comments to the topic. Be a nice change! Thanks Moderator
  10. I too feel Alex should separate from his ties with Red Bull. In my opinion, they have a history of favouring their lead driver and expecting a lot from the second but not supporting them. Best to keep out of that sausage grinder if you can. However, simply, more cars are now powered by the Mercedes power plant and may give him some greater options. I do think Mercedes have hired the ultimate perceived replacement for Sir Lewis when he considers retiring, so likely the number 2 seat will become available there again. If Alex can build his credentials, then possibly other opportunities may open up. Whilst on the sport, great win by Ricciardo yesterday and the Mclaren 1-2 brought back memories! Bet they had a big party! Smithydog
  11. I was saying to my wife just last night....You shouldn't believe what you see, hear and feel during the lightening, thunder and rain last night. The internet will tell you the truth! Comparing these 2 images, I think the Ubon Ratchathani radar might just not be working properly. They compare the Ubon radar and the Kohn Kaen radar seemingly 1 second apart from each other!
  12. Well done to both of the finalists. To me the women's competition is so much more open these days than the men's comp. I just hope that the media and fans don't create unreal expectations on either of the girls. Some of the trolls on other competitors have simply been disgusting.
  13. Hi @Bluesofa, I am not an expert and couldn't find anything straight away for you. But do think the provinces can mandate beyond what the national requirements are for the category of zone you are in. For example, in Ubon Ratchathani the mask mandate was changed not long ago to require the wearing of 2 masks, one can be cloth, when in public places. I only know because our Village Headman actually brought round a copy of the official notification to show everyone in our village. Great communications lines! It does make it hard to comply when you can't find the regulations. Smithydog
  14. Ah....this takes me back to the days of tracking cyclones off the north east coast of Queensland. The sounds of the cyclone alerts coming across the radio bulletin as you sat there with the grid map page they used to print in the front pages of the white pages phone directory. Bit more sophisticated these days but sadly still the same results. Smithydog
  15. Hi Members, Lets close this side conversation off with a comment from me as the Moderator who made the decision being discussed and get back on track with the topics. As per the Forum Rules and Guidelines - "Every comment is valued for its content. This discussion forum allows everyone to have a say and it brings out many different ideas and viewpoints". The decision to change the topic was instigated by a report from Bob20 but solely made by myself and to stimulate proper debate on the subject which is also the job of a Moderator. Moderators are not allowed to impose their personal opinion on topics. Anyone that thinks any social media platform can simply get rid of misinformation or disinformation easily, without bias, needs to really experience what it is like. A Moderator on this Forum can't simply say something is misinformation. They have to be able to show and prove it! That takes time, usually far more research than a member does before posting comments and an unbiased focus to judge solely against the rules. So, let's move on and get back onto the topic before this conversation goes into areas where I am forced to act. If you have questions or suggestions, then you can PM me. Smithydog (Moderator)
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