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  1. Don't US citizens owe tax to the US regardless of where they live, for their entire natural lives? f*** me.. I wouldn't stick my kid with that... Not sure if it applies in your situation..
  2. Ah, so you're not traveling then. Istanbul would be the easiest then. (stay on İstiklal Cd. if you don't want to walk much). Hotels are inexpensive. Athens would be second choice. Cairo is dirty and a pain in butt if your just there for a modified visa run
  3. Yeah, OP would need to tell us what he's interested in. Bars, photography, or boats and bird-watching. Some people love visiting archeological sites and churches. Not really my thing - after I've seen 3 cathedrals in south of France, 3 roman ruins in Cyprus, or 3 temples in Bangkok - I've had my fil - too each his own. Was just trying to suggest the idea that 2 weeks in one of his three choices might be too long, and he can actually see more, and experience more with that same time-frame.
  4. For two weeks? It could be too short from some stops and too long for others. Let's start: Athens: There's not a lot of typical tourist stuff to do inside the city. The Parthenon being the most well known. However, I like just walking around looking at the street graffiti, eating at the shops and over the years have found some truly epic hole in the wall bars. Athens is a very low key destination. Personally, I wouldn't spend two weeks here - I'd spend 4 nights max (over a weekend) and then had to one of the islands - preferrably Ios or Santorini. However, if your trip is not within the next week or two - you'll find that you're out of season. This doesn't have to be a terrible situation though. While you might find it more difficult to get exactly the hotel you want, and some bars might be closed (the further into the winter you get) - you still have all the beauty of Fira and the other towns to visit. If you base yourself in Fira you can take the busses from the central bus hub and explore all the different sides of the islands. Some black sands, red sands etc. Istanbul: Another fun city, but not for two weeks. I often use this as my return city (to Asia) because of the cheap fares on Turkish Airlines. Have spent equivalent of months here (4 days at a time) over the years. Great place to eat, chill out, and only okay for bars. Some of the best food I've eaten. If it's your first time recommend you check out a food walking tour the first few days... Tours aren't my thing - but this is a must. Nothing much to do once you've been to the bazaars - but there are some inexpensive and beautiful hotels Mr. Cas comes to mind. September and October is an okay time to visit, cooler. Cairo - Crap man, this is a must visit if you haven't been. The city is dirty, depressing, and gnarly - however visiting Giza is worth the effort. You can spend 2 days walking around the pyramids and fending off touts (or more if you like to photograph). We go and just sit in the shadows and enjoy the incredible vistas. There are plenty of nice hotels - but again, I go for the cheaper options right across from the pyramids - nothing beats looking out your window and seeing the pyramids at all times of day, sitting on the roof balcony and getting a good authentic breakfast. Though otherwise the neighboorhood is a dump. There are a few good drinking spots - and a little to do on the island in center of city (forgot name). If the new Egyptian museum is open - it's worth an afternoon as well. You can also head down to another stop - I'd vote for Luxor - plenty of things to see here. I'd say Cairo 3 or 4 days, then Luxor a few days. In Luxor I think Hilton has a place right on the Nile with nice pool. If I had 2 weeks (14 days) - I'd do this: Home - Cairo (3 or 4 days) Cairo - Athens (3 days) Athens - Santorini (4 days) Santorini - Istanbul (3 or 4 days) (or you can go backwards). I'd skip the ferries from Athens to islands - and just fly (cheap and quick). They should all be pretty cheap and quick flights. It gives you a taste of all of them, and will break your brain. Having traveled to 130+ countries I find the sweet spot for first time visits to be 3 or 4 nights. Enough to get a taste and know if you want to come back for more. Not long enough to get bored (Except Bratislava - man the country is boring) ;) If you choose to do this route - PM me and I'll send you some more detailed advice about where to stay in each location for best views / getting around). Good luck.
  5. Cool site, but annoying map colors. Should be: No visa required = dark green (can go) VOA = medium green (can go) Electronic/online visa = yellow or orange (can go but need to something first) Visa required = dark orange or red (need frigging visa) Right now it's difficult to read... The 'no visa required' is a medium gray that is too similar to to the 'visa required' - so hard to scan for 'open countries'
  6. Think that holds true all through life, not just CV19. Pro-mandates have the: Need to tell you that you're doing it wrong (if not doing it their way) Follow the government rules without questioning Band together for some good old fashioned cancel-culture if you disagree with the party line Bolster each other up and form a gang Get extremely ugly if you question them (because their knowledge isn't learned it's echoed) Pro-choice Question authority and what mandates might mean to their health, freedom, family, privacy Tend to not band together, since they're individualists Don't get hard-ons from bringing others down Rarely feel the need to preach, instead posing debates that might make people question their own beliefs The fact that the govt is actually jabbing children, and jabbing people who have already had the virus and have a robust response to it - simply mad.
  7. Where I live hotels also have taking a giant hit as no tourists are allowed in. Decided to book a place for a weekend getaway with my wife. Cancelled that idea quickly when discovered they have actually raised their prices (despite few bookings), and their restaurant being closed down. Never count on anything making sense - nor hotels, resorts, or airlines lowering prices to lure people back. Besides, who wants to go to Bangkok until everything opens back up. meh.
  8. Well crap. You just proved us all wrong and nailed it. You know 0 people who died from flu but know a few friends parents who died from covid. That's a slam dunk sir. I humbly retract any and everything I said. Covid is obviously turrible according to your scientific statistics and large sample size. ;)
  9. It's not a true pandemic, and it's not a true vaccine. However, according to the news - you would expect, when you step out on your porch without a mask to see the zombie apocalypse.
  10. Not aimed at you personally 95_ Man, if there's one thing I regret in the last 10 years. It's not the NGOs turning the word 'prostitution' into 'human trafficking', it's not cancel culture, Twitter attacks, useless wars, printing trillions of dollars, global warming and the Coronavirus etc.. Instead it's that the internet has promoted logical fallacies https://thebestschools.org/magazine/15-logical-fallacies-know/ Basically giving every person that doesn't have the word-smithing or cognitive ability to defend themselves to denote someone else's post as a particular 'label' and try to undermine it. Please, for the love of god - stop with the strawman, hasty generalization, red herring fallacy, false dilemma, and all the rest. Just think for yourself, chances are your head won't explode, and if nothing else you won't sound like a douche.
  11. To continue the trend of not answering the OP's question - As an older gent (99yo), I do wish there were a beer that was both low in calories (have to watch my girlish figure) and low in alcohol. I would settle for low in alcohol. Reason being - I enjoy drinking with friends late into the night, but find that after my third pint I need to return soonly home to my crypt. Any more than 3 pints - and I am not moving from my lair for 24hr of rapid pulse, death-and-guilt-feelings, and general unease. A 2% beer would be perfect, and without the sugar.. Granted, this may reside only in the realm of Star Trek - but it would allow me to drink twice or 3x as long, increase the amount of baht the bars take, and I could get my buzz going and keep it there, rather than burning out too quickly, or sharing all of my best friends (and my own) secrets to anyone that will listen. To the OP - I know nothing about Tiger light, but can ensure that drinking a pint of your bartenders warm foamy piss would be more preferable to your palette than a SML.
  12. Like many other mere humans biped'ling across the earth, and while in a constant case of ennui because evolutionary biology didn't see fit to give me two dongs and wheels in place of legs - i have considered not only the entirety of human history, but it's eventual fate. It's not pretty my friends... we will end in the Big Freeze... The universe will drift apart until galaxy and star formation ceases. Slowly, stars will fizzle out, turning night skies black... O wait that's too far forward.. Let me backtrack... It's not pretty my friends.... Our population: 150M - when sir Jesus terrorized the money changers 450M - when Columbus 'found' the savages 1 BIL - The Louisiana Purchase & the first Oktoberfest (1800) 3.3 BIL - The Beatles played Shea Stadium 4 BIL - The USA War Vietnam War got under way 5 BIL - JR got shot 5.6 BIL - Kurt Cobain died 8 BIL - Now... It's been quite a fast climb (if fertility stay the same then the projections are): 44 BIL - in 2100 244 BIL in 2150 1.34 trillion in 2300 Clearly this trend isn't great. More akin to being smeared on a great piece of bread (the earth) like a giant peanut butter and jelly sandwich while we throttle each other for clean water, resources, iPhone 402's and energy. Pretty much every human with a bent for learning puts on his/her/them/they's thinking hat and agrees we need to curb population, quickly. New United Nations figures suggesting an eventual equilibrium as people in poorer countries come to understand the need for smaller families. Yes, we all know that people in poor countries do very well at stuff like this, like only having two kids to support them in their old age, or the new middle class countries (China / India) understanding they don't really need cars, nice houses, lots of 'things' because it's bad for the environment. So, really - we are rife for a depopulation event. The earth needs it, humanity needs it. Surely, this isn't what the super-rich who probably feel they are super-smart are sitting around contemplating (in-between sessions of trying to get to Mars) I applaud you Sir Yenn from Canada for making the unselfish act of taking yourself out by accepting the vaccine, the second vaccine, the booster, and the booster's booster, and the next vaccine etc. Just know that you will forever have our gratitude (as long as this forum remains). Amen.
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