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  1. The general rumours ( nothing written in stone yet ) is that the 3M health insurance will be initially required for new OA visas and on Sept 2022 will be required for retirement extensions ( from an OA visa ) so you should be good in May 2022 but it will hopefully become more clearer over the next month or 2. Having said that all expats on a retirement extension ( OA visa ) should be seriously considering their options. Travel oseas + return visa exempt or with an O visa with a view to achieve extension from an O visa. Explore the possibility of taking a health insurance policy which will give adequate coverage for your needs + meeting the OA insurance requirements. Converting to an extension ( OA ) based on marriage which currently does not require the mandatory insurance. @garyw007, i see you are married to a thai national, you could consider changing your basis for extension which would not require any mandatory insurance or the need to leave the country.
  2. I don’t think anyone is disputing that, I think the issue is only a small number of expats have been hit for the second time with this mandatory health insurance ……… and the remainder are worried that they will be next . I would say many here don’t have insurance purely because they are not forced to have it, if they were forced to have it I think many would not complain ……….. providing the premiums are in line with the policies of course .
  3. Rumoured elsewhere that extensions ( retirement from an original OA ) before Aug 31st 2022 will be exempt, from 1st Sept 2022 the insurance is required . ( mine is sept 25th )
  4. As far as I am aware this is for OA visas only. Currently only a proposal and not approved but the insurance companies ( Aetna, AA and LMG ) already advertising this ……… unless they know something we don’t
  5. Depth perception is the “ 2 sticks in a box “ test , align one stick to the other by moving it backwards and forwards.
  6. Sweden changed in 1967 , but I think the rest have left it too late
  7. Yup, some find it hard to believe that what goes on at their DLT/Immigration/Amphur isn’t necessarily followed by the other 75 provinces in Thailand.
  8. I would suggest it depends on location, like most government offices in Thailand. I did : Traffic lights Depth perception Braking reaction time Spacial awareness ?, coloured lights at right and left side of head. Renewal of 5 year license.
  9. 14 days up until your due date, has been like this for probably 18 months now.
  10. As usual any announcement from a government office leaves us with more questions than answers: a) is the “ international certificate “ available via Mor Prom the yellow book/passport with the garuda on ? b) do we even need this if we already have a vaccine certificate anyway ? The geezers ont t’other forum are going through the same question and answer routine, some think that the Mor Prom postal delivery or pick up will give you a yellow book/passport necessary for international travel and the emailed “ e-cert “ is worthless, all for 50 baht. Others think that the yellow thingy is not even required. Who knows ………. not me !!
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