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  1. He needs to do at least a few years at the Bangkok Hilton before being extradited, if at all. They might give him the right attitude adjustment.
  2. My oh my how times have changed. Having served during the cold war, if you had told me back then, that Russia would become the beacon of free speech, while the USA would become a tyrannical technocracy, I would never have believed it. RIP USA.
  3. I spent some time in Cape Town a while ago and it was common for meth heads to break into houses and rape women of any age. Apparently the meth high makes people sex -crazed. I was trying to understand how a guy comes to Thailand in January, keeps his head down for 8 months, then suddenly commits two violent sex crimes in one day. When he admitted to being high on meth, then it starts to make sense.
  4. I beg to differ. This story can serve as a reminder to us readers to be more careful on the steep hills when biking.
  5. An awesome sunrise picture. That is quite the plume.
  6. The feed is offline at the moment. Here is another link to a live feed; this one pans around a bit:
  7. I'm pretty sure you understand what I mean by public discussion. Surely you don't need me to explain that to you. Same with science. There have been tons of posts with links to evidence, which I am not going to reference here as I don't want to drive this thread off topic.
  8. There is no public discussion. There is no debate, using science and facts. "Anti-vaxxers" are painted as dangerous nuts. The media reports on protests but doesn't interview any of the protestors to ask why they are protesting. Any videos posted to YouTube that raise questions against the agenda re deleted. Facebook groups of vaccine damaged people looking for solutions are deleted. No, there is no public discussion because they are being censored. That is pure evil.
  9. Frankly, I think the lizard people could do a much better job than our current leaders.
  10. Well I'm guilty of mixing up fact with opinion at times, but not this time. There are many respected doctors and scientists speaking out about the future danger of these vaccines(ADE is a huge red flag). That is a fact. That's not my opinion.
  11. Haha, corrected again. Thanks Bob. Although you have to wonder about people moving from the FDA to Pfizer, it is a huge flashing red light. You work at the FDA, you approve their products, you get a nice cushy job at Pfizer when you leave the FDA. Major conflict of interest possibilities.
  12. Smoke and mirrors. Why did they change the name? A bit of history. Pfizer, has the spectacular achievement of being issued the largest fine of any pharmaceutical company in the history of modern civilization. The were issued a 2.3 billion dollar fine. Let that sink in. Also, Pfizer and the FDA have an incestuous relationship. They swap executives routinely. The FDA is responsible for the authorization of the mRNA vaccines. Surely, the executives that came over to the FDA from Pfizer are being completely objective and have the public's well being in mind and not the profits of a pharmaceutical company? These are not "conspiracy theories". They are facts.
  13. There are many respected doctors and scientists speaking out about the future danger of these vaccines(ADE is a huge red flag). They are speaking the language of science so to call them "conspiracy theorists" is rude, boorish and disingenuous. I'm not taking the jab. I have no issue with you taking it. I wish me and my family could just go ahead and live in peace but that isn't possible. The jab-happy death cult is not going to rest until everyone has been stabbed. Next they're going for the children. So it's obvious to me that just hoping to be left alone is not going to work because they've now marginalized anyone who doesn't join the death cult. You go ahead and get stabbed, not me thanks.
  14. It's not true. I've seen lots of reports from various sources saying they weren't given informed consent. The UK, US etc. I've seen tons of disgruntled people on Twitter who are very pissed off because they've been fully vaccinated and yet they got covid. They are saying that they had no idea the vaccine wouldn't stop them from getting covid. All you have to do is look for these posts and you will find them. I've also seen lost of people with serious harm from the vaccines, saying they "never would have gotten it if they knew this would happen" etc. Many many people.
  15. I mean they weren't told that it isn't a sterilizing vaccine. They weren't given the details of the very serious side-effects, including death.
  16. Not Thailand related, but here is a link to a live YouTube feed of the La Palma volcano eruption with a very good closeup, for anyone interested.
  17. Yes, and they were not wrong to expect it because they were not told different. They didn't receive informed consent.
  18. Well I didn't know that, and if true, this is promising, but I remain very pessimistic about the long term effects, namely it is the possible ADE that is the most dangerous. As I stated earlier, there has never been an effective vaccine for a coronavirus, the biggest reason being the many mutations, so even if there is a new vaccine that is effective, it doesn't bode well for the long term. Short-term, possibly OK, long term, possibly lethal.
  19. Semantics. The Pfizer shot that has full FDA approval is not even being administered. You can say what you like but due diligence was not carried out on these experimental vaccines. Nobody knows the long term effects. We are learning the short term effects though, they are useless after about 5 months. Enjoy your booster shots for life!
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