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  1. Semantics. The Pfizer shot that has full FDA approval is not even being administered. You can say what you like but due diligence was not carried out on these experimental vaccines. Nobody knows the long term effects. We are learning the short term effects though, they are useless after about 5 months. Enjoy your booster shots for life!
  2. Yes it is experimental. It's approved for emergency use only as it hasn't been tested fully. The current jab recipients are the guinea pigs.
  3. Somehow, I don't think the "own land" part means what I think it should mean.
  4. Many seem to forget that there has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. Not sure I'd be lining up for these experimental ones.
  5. My point was that there is no excuse for the healthcare system to be worn thin so quickly where they are having to decide who gets treatment and who doesn't. It was in a shambles before the pandemic. They haven't spent enough money to increase hospitals, beds etc. while the population has been increasing markedly over the last few decades, they haven't expanded the healthcare system to accommodate.
  6. Hahah, "microchip", "lizard people". Notice he isn't having an actual conversation with a so-called "anti-vaxxer". Is he afraid to actually sit down and have an open conversation with people who are refusing to take the vaccine? I think so.
  7. You are wrong. Most of the people I know that are not taking the 'vaccine', are not trying to impose their will on other people. We just want to be left alone to live our lives. The problem is that we aren't being left alone. We are losing our jobs, losing our ability to go shopping, to fly on an airplane, to concerts, to the pub etc. The people you are seeing on the street have had enough and they are willing to risk everything to stop this madness. You cannot treat people like second class citizens and remove their rights and expect them to go away and die quietly. They wouldn't be protesting if they hadn't been pushed to the margins of society.
  8. And I left Canada for the opposite reason, because there isn't enough of this there. Most people are mindless sheep there and are happy to live in tyranny. My grandfather, who fought in WW2, is probably rolling in his grave, seeing Canada become a Marxist ****hole.
  9. I was on a Phuket to Dubai flight recently with a bunch of sandboxers going home. They appeared to me to be mostly Israelis. They aren't the type to go out to Phuket Town and spend money in the smaller shops. They only eat kosher so they're not going to eat som tam boo bala. They come on package tours and stay at the resort mostly. It's not surprising the smaller businesses haven't benefitted from the sandbox. I think the people coming are returning ex-pats, businessmen, and people on package tours.
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