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  1. The inspiration for this app is more China than France or Italy. But if it’s like the 90 day report app for expats there is nothing to worry about.
  2. That’s roughly 20 million USD. For a crew of 20 sailors that’s 1 million USD each or more than 10 year of salary… poor excuse.
  3. There is a strong demand for these three “American” vaccines. Given the long delay, why take the risk of not having enough… we are talking about saving lives now. Think big and don’t worry about the cost ! Order 66 million more doses today.
  4. It’s most likely because of improper storage and transportation and that’s a management problem.
  5. It seems that the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is disappearing in the sunset. Any idea why?
  6. A relative of Covid-19 introduced itself to me this morning. I received a shot of the Jenssen vaccine from Johnson&Johnson in Udon Thani at the Bangkok hospital. Smooth process, very pleasant staff and nice environment. It all went well, the nurse had a good hand and after thirty minute, I received a vaccination certificate both in Thai and American for immigration. The coffee and fresh butter croissants were extra but well received. Kudos to the diplomat trailblazer, the French ambassador!
  7. The Thaiger reports stories about Bangkok and Phuket but what about other provinces? For instance, coverage of the tourist industry and the Phuket sandbox is head news everyday. There are other important economic sectors such as agriculture, health care or education . Can’t find many reports on low commodity prices (sugar, rubber, palm oil…) and the monopolies that control them. Another example is permaculture. It is a big trend in Australia and the world, is it happening in Thailand?
  8. Any plans to transport COVID-19 patients out of Bangkok to hospitals in less affected provinces ?
  9. The French Ambassador, Thierry Mathieu, also said that none of the staff in the Embassy had been vaccinated because all French in Thailand were treated as equal. This is the right thing to do and the correct policy.
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