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  1. Another "interesting" report from Jack Arthur which bears little to no factual resemblance to the source article, which is very clear that the Surat Thani police took the murder suspect to Korat and the Korat police never collected him at all but had a wasted journey.
  2. No, that is absolutely NOT what the "Thai researchers" said, which was that a particular strain of horseshoe bats in Thailand, in Chachoengsao, could not have been responsible for the Coronavirus. Totally different. Jack Arthur strikes again .
  3. If you think that's the reason why Thailand is in the position it is now, I think you're being over-generous with excuses.
  4. You're clearly suggesting the lockdown has been for "over years", and "after 2 years" that's long enough. The reality is that the lockdown hasn't been for "2 years" - arguably Thailand hasn't had an affective lockdown at all - and it's only long enough if the time bought is used to buy effective vaccines, which hasn't happened. It's fine to say "if only", but that doesn't change the reality of the situation.
  5. The Thong Fah / Blue Flag social security system is national, so if that rule's applied (if) it makes no difference if you're on the edge of Nakhon Nowhere or swimming across Bangkok.
  6. Maybe you should. The unvaccinated 17% of the adult population make up half the serious cases and two thirds of the deaths. Those with a booster have eleven times the protection from serious infection and nearly twenty times the protection from death as those with only two doses. That's pretty "effective", albeit far from perfect. Meanwhile progress with "experimental " vaccines such as GRT-R-910 suggests that second generation mRNA vaccines will need less or no booster shots. If you want to wait, up to you.
  7. Well, it might mean the yachties who've been bleating that they're stuck here as they've got nowhere else to go won't have that excuse any more ...
  8. As others have said elsewhere, if tourists want to come when bars are closed, then up to them. This, though, like all the similar incidents, has nothing to do with "tourists" as all present were locals (Thai and expat) but the problem is that tourism encourages it - if tourists can party, why can't locals?
  9. I've no idea if it's true or not or if it's just an idle threat, but it was made as an official announcement by the tessabaan at the temple this morning so not just village gossip.
  10. Totally untrue, but there's clearly little point in trying to explain the difference between a fact and uninformed opinion to you. As for "useless after about five months" the two most recent studies, peer reviewed including by NHE, state very clearly that both Moderna and Pfizer have over 90% efficacy against hospitalization and death after six months. If you don't want to be vaccinated, fine, or back up what you say with some scientific evidence, but simply repeating things which are patently untrue does everyone a dis-service, and just makes anti-vaxxers look like a bunch of uninformed nut-jobs while it's possible they may have some valid points.
  11. Simply untrue. "Experimental" drugs are those under Ph3 tests, not EUA. All EUA vaccines have passed those tests months ago, and Pfizer has had full FDA approval. You're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts and what you're claiming is simply untrue.
  12. The law, whether you like it or not, is the law and the argument that x/y/z gets away with it or that Phuket should have different rules as it's a "go to place for a holiday" don't and shouldn't hold any weight.
  13. The latest ploy locally, announced at the village temple, was that those not registering to be vaccinated would lose their Thong Fah / Social Security "Blue Flag" cards, which give a monthly living allowance to the poor (pretty well 100% of the local villages, regardless of financial status!). Whether correct or not it wasn't particularly well received, along with the PYB telling people that Sinovac was better "for Asians" as Pfizer and Moderna were "for farangs" which was given due scepticism.
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