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  1. The deniers on this forum should stick to there little corner and not try and influence the one's on here who like a good debate. Any new or old members can plainly see these conspirators are not interested in debating instead they Duck and Dive any questions put to them. For instance there Commander was asked by me what has caused the Thai Tourism sector to collapse instead of replying he simply said he will not bite as though i was fishing. A clear swerve, then another member of his club was asked by me are older people more susceptible to colds and infections due to there immunity system wearing out. Again no response. Another thread destined to the locker because of these who can't resist ruining threads with there Anti message. One more thread i will not debate on again.
  2. Jackisagoodboy do you seriously believe the figures given out from Thai government ??
  3. So before it gets locked will the deniers on here explain what has caused the Country as in Thailand to be brought to its knees'e. What has caused the Tourism industry to collapse and why are most hospital beds in Phuket being taken by people who are suddenly needing them. What is the reason behind all this Blue Spynx. Don't cut and paste your answer if you actually answer, and don't give us the old " According to " tell us your thoughts.
  4. 9s I asked you a question in an earlier post regarding the immunity in old age you never responded. Is it because you understand old people contact Covid quicker then a younger person and you don't want to accept it so you just deflect the question.
  5. 9s will you Acknowledge that as you get older your immunity systems breaks down and your more prone to colds and more cell productivity to fight infections.
  6. Why is it all the deniers on here are quick denying Covid exists but yet they never answer questions on here as to why people are dying early with no pre existing medical conditions.
  7. Any chance of our Deniers of Covid on here explaining how a 24yr old prisoner died ??? dont tell us he died from a mysterious unexplained death.
  8. Missed probably the best film location. Cue Nick Nack & Mr Scaramanga.
  9. Millions died from Covid Xaos. Did you not see Indians burning thousands daily from Covid or was that propaganda too.
  10. Fact is Bob Thailand was struggling and Tourism was declining way before Covid. I'm not Thai bashing but the Government knew full well the reason Tourism was falling due mostly to Greed rip offs and Scams on Tourists they not only ignored the warnings instead they encouraged it to continue.
  11. jax0007 the UK is a red listed country meaning yes i can travel from the UK to Thailand on returning i need to self isolate for a minimum 10 days. So if your a 2 week tourist you will have taken your annual holiday leave of absence if you decide to go to a red list country you run the risk of losing your job because you have to isolate at home with no pay or if you have a good boss he might keep you on but you wont be getting paid. So is it worth travelling to Thailand for 2 weeks ?
  12. Who do you think has been pouring Billions into the Thai Tourist Industry over the last 20 years jax0007 ? . Its your two week tourist who has worked his arse off all year for his 2-3 weeks in the Sun. Its not the Expats or Retirees who spend 60b on beers 7 nights a week or whisking a girl off for a night its your 2 week tourist.
  13. I and probably many more understand the risks in a new Vaccine we understand sadly some will lose there life but there would be multiple Deaths worldwide without a vaccine.
  14. More importantly who are being infected ? locals or Tourists. Did the Governor inform the people of Phuket that nearly 80% were inoculated a few weeks ago so the numbers being vaxxed should be even higher by now from that statement. If so how come infections are still rising, Deaths are rising and nearly all Hospital beds are being used.
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