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  1. Oh dear the poor woman,she must have been so scared.Absolutley tragic for her family to receive this shocking news.So much for Phuket Sandbox, being a safe holiday paradise for solo woman travellers at the moment.I hope they will arrest the person responsible,before he manages to skip the island.RIP dear lady.
  2. , I have seen many Vloggers showing some Thai people in sad situations,through the pandemic,or just how their lives have always been.These show foreigners organising food handouts.I only know of one Thai charity in Hua Hin area.https://sangfoundation.org. Maybe Good Morning,could do a report on these Thai charities for each region,then people can contact and donate money to them.Also be interesting to know which rich Thai companies etc.help disadvantaged Thais.
  3. Morning,interesting list.I'm surprised UAE isn't low risk, as Emirates are apparently resuming flights to Phuket from 2nd July..Qatar are already low risk.Wish I could work out the data used for these lists..In the UK, Qatar ,UAE are red,so are a no-go area,hope this changes by October for my flight.While Saudi are Amber..totally mad.
  4. I have a question about which countries are on the low risk/med/high list.I scrolled down this report and clicked the AXA ins link.The UK are listed as high risk.I thought high risk countries couldn't come,or if you have been double jabbed this is taken into account? I have flexible flights booked to arrive 1st October,so I'm playing it safe for now.
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