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  1. Almost impossible to stop. They are poor desperate people and Thailand is their only way for many of them to put food on the table for their families. And the situation is getting worse there, not better. The Thai businesses need them and they need the income.
  2. For decades now TAT have been world leaders in tourism luring hundreds of millions of tourists to Amazing Thailand, the Land of Smiles, creating millions of jobs and hundreds of millionaires. It was interesting to hear from an international team of experts about this subject who revealed other tourist destinations will be copying the TAT scheme. “Phuket with the Sandbox and the systems they have put in place, and the vaccination rates which are phenomenal. It has to be one of the most vaccinated places on the planet “Phuket is promoting itself not only as a travel destination, but also as a COVID safe destination. There really are very few parts of the world that have put in place the systems that Phuket has,” Mr Barclay noted." https://www.thephuketnews.com/silver-linings-tempered-by-cautious-optimism-81792.php
  3. So I have been using the wrong one all this time? I will have to have a word to my vet. It is popular in Thailand, easy to get and fairly cheap.
  4. <deleted content> You have proliferated this thread with numerous off-topic posts which have been deleted - no more please!
  5. Obviously I was talking about government debt as I said that the taxpayers will be left to pay for it for decades. The government/taxpayers doesn't pay people personal debts. And thank God for that. I prop up the poor more than enough with the taxes I pay already. And can you show me where I used "proportionally"? Like bringing personal debts into you argument you are claiming I said something that I never did.
  6. Sounds pretty bad where you are. One of the worst places in the world with Bojo calling the shots. I doubt if he is being self critical. I do agree with you that the real numbers are at least 500% higher than the 39,000 reported yesterday. They only tested less than 1% of the population in the UK yesterday. So that 39,000 is just the number from those tested and likely to be 100 times worse and 3.9 million people. They are not testing enough obviously. With those sort of numbers it is only a matter of time until yet another highly contagious mutant strain develops over there and they spread it to the rest of the world again. Take care mate. We are very lucky over in the land of smiles with much lower numbers.
  7. False. Bar near my place never closed. For about two weeks we were not allowed to sit at the bar but had to sit on the eating tables. We were given a fork and spoon, a placemat and free prawn crackers to abide by the law. That was about six months ago. Sabai sabai. It is open air. Airconned places did shut and haven't reopened yet
  8. Yeah, it isn't brain science. Rich Dad poor Dad and the barefoot investor set me on my path.
  9. Yes bitching about TAT seems to be a favourite pastime. I would prefer a different government but I don't let it get to me. It really doesn't affect me. My Pooyai baan is more important to me than the federal level. The Immigration office is another one that seams to freak them out. It is fairly easy, just fill out some forms every few months, maybe deposit some money into your own bank account. It isn't rocket surgery.
  10. Thanks Stoker, it's nice to know you always have my back mate Cheers. My only regret is I didn't come 4 years earlier. I was overly cautious about how much I needed.
  11. In my 30s, not 30. Once again you are being negative about something you don't have any knowledge about. It is true. Two successful business and a property boom. People who can not manage money will always work for those who do.
  12. Great sentiment Stoker. And I think that is why Thailand has lower numbers than in the west. No Karens here, just everyone caring about each other. Beautiful people the Thais. To be honest I think what we really need is a better vaccine. One that actually works and stops people from catching and spreading it. Singapore, UK etc all have a high vaccination rate but have exploding numbers and still more deaths. The politicians have sold them a dummy.
  13. Positivity just confuses them. Nothing to harp on about. They need help.
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