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  1. Hi Peter and welcome to the forum. I assume you mean the $100,000 Covid Insurance. You can purchase it here up to age 99. https://covid19.tgia.org/
  2. Hi Spengler and welcome to Thaiger Talk. With a TV or Non Imm O Visa your only going to get a maximum 90 day stay. (Unless married to a Thai). There is no guarantee how long Thai Immigration will continue the current 60 day Covid extensions, or when local borders may reopen. The only way to guarantee a 6-7 month stay is either a Non Imm O Visa > 1 year extension of stay, which will require 800K THB in a Thai bank account, OR the Non Imm O-A Visa which grants 1 year stay on entry and the equivalent of 800K THB can remain in your UK bank, but you'll also require the 400/40K THB mandatory Health Insurance for the O-A.
  3. A number of off topic posts and replies have been removed. The News sections are not for discussing girlfriends or pin ups.
  4. Details here: https://wise.com/us/blog/how-to-pay-someone-with-paypal
  5. A wise man would staple it into his Passport, but not before saving an image of it to his device. An even wiser man would perhaps run a couple of copies of for safekeeping elsewhere.
  6. Yes, same day, but beware certain Immigration offices will only give you an under consideration stamp for 14/15 days then request you return on that date for the remaining 45 day stamp.
  7. Yes, your Passport should be returned as soon as the extension is approved. Beware, certain Immigration offices will give you an under consideration stamp for 14/15 days and ask you to return for the other 45 days.
  8. Immigrations communication network is sadly lacking, especially with information reaching the desk officers that actually deal with the foreigners. From previous personal experiences, I discovered that whilst the senior officer in charge may receive an email with amended orders or new directives - they forget to advise the frontline staff.
  9. Yes, all foreigners returning to Thailand must have the $100,000 Covid Insurance, which must cover the period of stay granted on entry.
  10. I've watched a few of his video's and he hasn't a clue about Immigration. Certainly wasn't impressed.
  11. A number of off topic and bickering posts have been removed along with the replies to them. This is not a thread to post your opinions about the rights to vaccinate or not.
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