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  1. The Emirates FREE +100.000 US $ covid-19 insurance stipulates that for • Return Trips: Cover ends when you return to Your Country of Departure or 365 days after your original departure date from your Country of Departure, whichever is earlier. • One-way Trips: cover for one-way Trips ends 31 days after your arrival at your Final Destination outside of your Country of Residence.
  2. When I take off my Blue Sphinx mask I am often mistaken for the legendary Peter Denis. The resemblance is uncanny in many ways but I am pretty sure the great man wouldn't mind and even be flattered to be confounded with a ThaigerTalk Grand Master...
  3. A short response as I do not want to derail this thread with an off-topic response, but the truth has its rights... I was NOT suggesting that Pfizer deliberately built-in or planned obsolesence in its covid-vaccine, for the simple reason that that was not necessary in the first place. EVERY vaccine-developer and public health official KNOWS that vaccine immunity will often fade much faster because the vaccine is often only able to trigger a partial immune response compared to the actual infection. And so, the Covid-19 vaccines which recreate the S-protein spike instead of the whole virus, could NEVER have been expected to be an exception to the rule. Denying this or pretending that waning vaccine-immunity was not an issue, was an outright but hidden lie. Of course they were careful in not openly stating this but they left the 'customers' with the erroneous belief that two jabs would solve the issue and guarantee a return to normality. ALL the experience with coronavirus immunity in both humans and animals, demonstrated only a temporary short-term protection. And there was no reason to expect, despite hollow pretence, for these rushed through “vaccine solutions” to be any different.
  4. Sales worth $11.3bn (£8bn) were made by Pfizer in the first half of this year from the Covid-19 jab that it developed with Germany’s BioNTech. In July it lifted its 2021 sales forecast to $33.5bn. BioNTech expects to make revenues of nearly €16bn (£13.5bn) from the vaccine this year, as its first-half net profit jumped to almost €4bn from €142m a year earlier. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/11/covid-19-vaccines-the-contracts-prices-and-profits
  5. When boarding your plane with destination Thailand VisaExempt the airline will require that you have an outward-bound flight not beyond the date for which you will be stamped in on arrival by Thai border Immigration. That means that if by the time you depart that the 30-day permission to stay for VisaExempt arrivals is confirmed, that you would need to buy a cheap 'throw-away' outward-bound flight ticket to meet that requirement. E.g. one-way flights from BKK to Ho Chi Minh City, or from HuaHin to Kualu Lumpur did cost only approx 1.000 THB in pre-covid times, so it would be advisable to look for the cheapest such ticket. To meet the CoE requirements you also need a +100.000 US $ covid-19 insurance that would cover the full period for which you will be stamped in on arrival (not clear at this moment whether that would be 30 or 45 days). Obviously when you are only stamped in for 30-days, you would need to apply for a 30-day extension of stay at any Thai Immigration office (cost 1.900 THB) to bridge the period to the date of your return flight. You wrote that you cannot change the dates of your flights. There are several airlines that do allow to do this during covid-times at no cost even if you didn't book a flexible ticket. So do check your airline regulations on that issue. Note: If you fly Emirates the 100.000 US $ covid-19 insurance is FREE and included in the ticket-price, and Emirates also allows you to change return dates at no extra cost.
  6. The Phuket sandbox-scheme allows you to leave your ASQ-Hotel during the day, and you only need to stay there during the night. An ASQ-Hotel in Bangkok will not allow you to leave the Hotel during the quarantaine period.
  7. Exactly correct, and that practice - which is illegal in some countries - is referred to as built-in or planned obsolescence.
  8. Which Israeli study are you referring to? And is that 'halving the risk' conclusion also applicable for the student-category which this thread is about?
  9. @Robin > FAZ confirmation of a succesful 60-day covid extension for an expiring STV is very good news for you. It is still recommended not to wait till very last day before applying for it in case your local Immigration Office poses some difficult/inconvenient requirements for your application. In case these are as good as impossible for you to meet, you could still apply at another Imm Office in a different province, with a more easy-going 60-day covid-extension application policy. Success!
  10. Thanks, and you are of course correct that with the lack of tourists Immigration should be happy to provide you with a 60-day covid-extension. @Robin > Please do keep us informed when your local Immigration Office is willing to provide such covid-extension for your current STV. Also do mention which Office (as there is huge inconsistency in how different offices apply the regulations).
  11. Are there any testimonies from new arrivals on a VisaExempt entry that were stamped in not for 45 days, but for the former 30 days permission to stay? When the additional 15 days scheme was introduced, the date of 30 september 2021 was mentioned as end-date, but unless it is confirmed by new arrivals being stamped in by border Immigration for 30 days again when arriving VisaExempt, I am not yet fully convinced (because the quarantaine scheme for which it was introduced, has been reduced but not stopped).
  12. Hi, One of the drawbacks of the STV is that it does allow 2 extensions each of 90 days, on top of the initial 90 days you received on entry, but that it is not possible to stay longer than the max of 270 days in the Kingdom. So if you arrived early March and extended twice, you will have used up by end November the permitted days. For any other Visa (or VisaExempt entry) you can apply for 60-day covid extensions, but NOT for an STV. But as this is Thailand, it wouldn't hurt if you would visit a local Immigration Office and ask whether there would be a possibility for you to apply for the 60-day covid-extension when your current extension is due to expire. Most probably the answer will be NO, but if they are willing to do so you would be able to stay longer (and then you can of course keep on applying for those 60-day covid-extension until Thai Immigration ceases to prolong them).
  13. Is that Pfizer mRNA vaccine-shot MANDATORY or is consent by the student required to be jabbed (or from his parents when under-age) ? I have not come across a clear answer on that all-important question. Of course given the normal Thai unquestioning obedience to authority, a strong recommendation by the government/health authorities is almost synonymous with a mandate.
  14. When staying home not well and not sure whether it is covid, are you taking any preventative/curative remedies?
  15. If only staying for 6 months entering Thailand VisaExempt or 60-day Tourist Visa is almost surely your best option, because of least Thai Immigration admin hassle and lowest associated costs. As you correctly point out the permission to stay from that entry can be extended for 30 days at ANY Thai Immigration Office for 1.900 THB. And after having done that and the permission to stay for that already 60-75 or 90 day stay is running out, you can then apply for a 60-day covid extension (1.900 THB) at ANY Thai Immigration Office (useful to know, as there are rogue offices that put incovenient requirements for that 60-day covid extension, and in that case you simply apply at another one which does not hassle you). And as you point out if in mean time border restrictions have been lifted and Thai Immigration does not prolonge the 60-day covid extension scheme anymore, it is just a matter of doing a quick border-run which will once again provide you with a 30 day permission to stay and which can also be extended for an additional 30 days. If you are considering long-term stay in Thailand (e.g. a scheme of 6 months in Thailand and 6 months back in your home-country) and do not want to apply 3 times for extensions at a local Thai Immigration office after your VE or TV entry, you could apply for the 1-year ME Non Imm O-A Visa at the Thai Embassy in your home-country. It's a bit of admin hassle to get all the paperwork for such application, and it will result in you having to subscribe to (cheap) 400K/40K health-insurance, as well as having to subscribe to a +100.000 US $ covid-19 coverage insurance for the full period of the permission to stay you will receive on entry (which is 1 year for the Non Imm O-A Visa). But booking a flexible return ticket with Emirates will provide you that 100.000 US $ covid-19 insurance for free (included in the ticket price).
  16. From what you wrote, it is clear that the main problem you are confronted with is not so much a Thai issue, but the fact that it seems not allowed for a South-African citizen to transfer money from his South-African bank-account abroad. The consequence of that constraint is that you would NOT be able to extend the permission of stay when entering Thailand on a 90-day Non Imm O Visa or to apply for the change Visa process when entering Thailand Visa Exempt or on a 60-day Tourist Visa. Yes, for each of these entrance options you can ONCE apply for a 30-day extension of stay, but you would not be able to meet the requirements when wanting to apply for the 90-day Non Imm O Visa from your VE or TV-entry or to apply for the 1-year extension when you entered Thailand on a Non Imm O Visa applied for at the Thai Embassy in South-Africa. And the reason that you will not be able to apply for the Non Imm O Visa or its extension when in Thailand, is that Thai Immigration requires that you provide evidence of +800.000 THB on a personal Thai bank-account WITH FOREIGN ORIGINS PROVEN. And it is that 'foreign origins proven' which you will not be able to fulfill when you cannot transfer funds from abroad to your personal Thai bank-account. But that does not mean that the situation for you is hopeless. As I mentioned already in my earlier response to your query, you could apply for the 1-year ME Non Imm O-A Visa at the Thai Embassy in South-Africa. That Visa can provide you with almost 2 years of immigration hassle-free stay in Thailand, with NO need to park/transfer funds on a personal Thai bank-account and NO need to apply for extensions of stay during those 2 years. When you foresee to occasionally visit your South-African home-country again, you can then make use of the opportunity to apply for a NEW Non Imm O-A Visa. When doing so you will never be confronted with the requirement to provide proof of foreign origins of money transferred (as required when applying first time for the Non Imm O Visa in Thailand, or for extension-applications of a Non Imm O or O-A Visa). Doing as outlined above would solve the permission to stay issue for the almost 2 years that Non Imm O-A Visa can provide you (and which can be continually repeated by applying for a new Non Imm O-A Visa when visiting your home-country at the end of the 2-year permission to stay). Of course you also do need funds to stay in Thailand, but when you have a debit- or credit-card you can use such card to get money from an ATM or pay your expenses with it. And once you have opened a Thai bank-account - which will not be easy, but with persistance you will be able to open one - you can spice that Thai bank-account with money taken from an ATM or by asking the bank to withdraw funds using your credit-card and transferring them to that personal bank-account. Needless to say, that that is a rather expensive way of getting hold of THB but when not able to transfer directly from your South-African bank-account using a service like Wise, it is at least an option.
  17. Question: How much does it wane 6 mths after a booster. Answer: Nobody knows yet. But do keep an eye on the figures from Israel as they began offering third doses of the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine in July, to people aged 60 and over. The crazy twisted thing of course is that the quicker the effectiveness of these boosters wanes, the better it is for Pfizer's profitability as that would trigger the demand (I am refraining from using the word 'need') for new booster shots. Immunity by subscription > the wet dream of vaccine manufacturers...
  18. Wise charges a service fee of approx 1% of the Funds transferred. And that service fee lowers when the amount transferred is larger. As Wise uses the mid-market rate (which is the REAL exchange rate - between the Seller's and Buyer's rates) that service fee easily beats the conversion rates charged to you by banks. In as good as all cases you get more THB for your $, Euro, GBP or other, than when using your bank to transfer the funds. On top of that you know EXACTLY how much THB you will receive the moment you click GO (the mid-market rate fluctuates continually, but Wise 'freezes' it the moment you click GO for the transaction you want to perform, and guarantees that that is the amount you will receive on your Thai bank-account).
  19. I do not think that Wise is 'playing the transfer processing time' in order to make a profit. Depending on the time and method chosen for your transfer he transaction can be almost instantaneous (quickest arrival of funds on my Thai bank-account after clicking GO on the Wise website was 6 SECONDS). Wise is just the 'middle man' that transfers the funds you sent them from your foreign bank-account to their account on one of their 3 Thai partner-banks, which then transfer those funds - domestic transfer so no charges - to your Thai bank-account. So the delays in receiving the funds on your account are mainly because of either your foreign bank not processing your order to Wise immediately, or Wise's Thai bank not immediately transferring the funds to your account. And there will ALWAYS be a delay when your Thai bank-account is from a different bank than one of Wise 3 partner-banks. But I stand to be corrected if Wise has indeed a policy of holding your transaction when they reckon the rate will change favorably for them.
  20. Thanks for the info, so a VisaExempt entry would not provide a 45-days permission to stay on entry anymore, but would be back to the previous 30-days. However, I would wait for confirmation of whether that's indeed the case by someone that actually entered Thailand VisaExempt after 30 September. Regulations published on Thai Embassy websites are not always correct (the usual Thai sloppiness, ambiguity and inconsistency). The reason I have some doubts that border Immigration wouldn't provide 45 days permission to stay anymore for VisaExempt entries is that those extra 15 days were provided to 'make up' for the loss of holiday days as a result of the mandatory quarantaine period. So I am awaiting actual experience of those entering VisaExempt to confirm that shortening of the permission to stay.
  21. No, when on a VisaExempt or Tourist Visa entry, you do not have any 'permanent address for Immigration purposes' as you are considered a tourist. So you can make use of ANY Immigration Office nation-wide to apply for the 30-day extension and the 60-day covid-extensions. The Immigration Office where you do your application will require a TM-30 with your current address in the province where they are located. An overnight-stay in a Hotel will provide you with such a TM-30, and if you are staying with friends/family or in your own residence, the owner of the premises where you are staying can register the premises on the IO TM-30 website, which will then allow them to 'notify' Immigration with a TM-30 that a foreigner (you) is staying at the premises.
  22. Yes, the option you are mentioning > entering Thailand Visa Exempt which provides you currently with a 45-day permission to stay, can be extended at any Immigration Office for an additional 30 days (cost 1.900 THB). At the end of the 75 days you can then apply at your local Immigration Office for the 60-day covid-extension (cost 1.900 THB) and you can continue on applying for such 60-day covid-extensions. You are correct that there is little consistency in how different Immigration Offices treat applications, and so it is possible that your local Immigration Office has some specific requirements for such covid-extension. But as you entered VisaExempt, you are a 'tourist' and thus have no dedicated Immigration Office as you do not have a permanent address for Immigration purposes when being on a VE or Tourist-Visa. Which means that if your local Imm Office want to impose some difficult or crazy requirements for your application, that you can simply apply at another Imm Office (in that case, just go the night before and stay the night in a local provincial Hotel there, as you would need a copy of the TM-30 made by the Hotel of you having stayed there). The prolongation of these covid-extensions is confirmed by Immigration bi-monthly. The reason being that if border restrictions are lifted, they will simply cease issuing them. And that's not a big deal when borders are open again, as you can then do a quick border-hop and then re-enter VisaExempt which will provide you with a 30-day permission to stay (no need for 45 days anymore when border-restrictions are lifted) and such VE Entry can once again be extended for 30 days at any local Immigration Office. There is no doubt in my mind that if you intend to stay only for a couple of months, that the above procedure is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.
  23. Yes crypto-currency could be an option to finance your living expenses while in Thailand. However, when applying for the Non Imm O Visa when having entered Thailand VisaExempt or on a Tourist Visa, requires that you provide evidence of suffient funds on a personal Thai bank-account. I.e. +800.000 THB when applying for reason of retirement. But @Katy would face the problem that you also need to provide evidence that those funds originated from abroad. If she applied for the 90-day Non Imm O Visa for reason of retirement at the Thai Embassy in South-Africa, she would also have to prove sufficient funds on her South-African (or Thai) bank-account. But the same problem would occur once in Thailand, when in the last month of that 90-day Non Imm O Visa she would apply for the 1-year extension of stay based on that original Visa. For such application your need to provide evidence of +800.000 THB on your personal Thai bank-account seasoned for two months at time of application. But for the FIRST application you also need to provide evidence that those funds originated from abroad. >> I am not knowledgeable whether there is a way of transferring crypto-currency to THB on a personal Thai bank-account. As long as the THB are originating from a foreign account it should be OK. Note: An alternative for @Katy would be to apply for the 1-year ME Non Imm O-A Visa at the Thai Embassy in South-Africa. That Visa can provide you with almost 2 years of immigration hassle-free stay in Thailand, with NO need to park/transfer funds on a personal Thai bank-account and NO need to apply for extensions of stay during those 2 years. When Katy foresees to occasionally visit her South-African home-country again, she then could make use of that opportunity to apply for a NEW Non Imm O-A Visa and thus circumventing that proof of foreign origins of money transferred (as required when applying first time for the Non Imm O Visa in Thailand, or for extension-applications of her Non Imm O or O-A Visa).
  24. Both links provided by FAZ do work and together provide all required info for an STV-application. But do read my earlier post in this thread when you do not intend to stay longer than 75-90 days, because in that case entering Thailand VisaExempt or on a 60-day Tourist Visa will not only save you the admin-hassle of applying for the STV, but it will also be far cheaper to do so.
  25. And be aware that once in Thailand and when applying for a 90-day extension of stay of that STV, that you need to provide evidence that the mandatory 400K/40K health-insurance which you needed for entry would cover the full 90-day extension stay. And some rogue Immigration Offices also require same for the +100.000 US $ covid-19 coverage insurance.
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