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  1. I presume that the 15.000 deaths you are referring to are the alleged covid-vaccine related deaths as reported on the US VAERS system. And then you suddenly switch to worldwide population figures to 'prove' that these 15.000 US deaths are nothing more than a drop in the ocean. I cannot take such muddled thinking seriously, as it is nothing more than an unsubstantiated word-salad. The rant once again ends with you referring to your favorite courageous 'kindergartner' that puts to shame all those 'too afraid to take the jab'. But brave enough to face covid, it seems...
  2. This link < https://covidvax.live/location/tha > allows you to check the current vaccination status of all countries worldwide, both for vaccinated (1 dose) and fully vaccinated. You can select by country, and if you select worldwide you will see all the countries that reached that 'magical 70% vaccination rate' - and for the remainders how many days it would take at current vaccination rate to reach that goal (for Thailand - 76 days). But a look at the 'winners' will quickly convince you that having achieved 70% vaccination does NOT mean that covid is done and dusted there.
  3. @Yinn say > listen doctor. BlueSphinx found doctor for Yinn. When Yinn listen carefully to Irish doctor, Yinn might learn something... Vaccine side effects highlighted in UK Parliament _ dr Vincent CARROLL dd 20 Sept 2021.mp4 Thank you BlueSphinx - you are welcome Yinn.
  4. Pfizer says their covid vaccine works in kids 5 to 11. And Pfizer will soon seek approval for that 5-to-11 years old age category covid-vaccine. Blogger El Gato Malo did some research on the evidence provided by Pfizer and the real-world data available, whether that claim can stand up to scrutiny. Doing a fact-based risk vs reward study, this is how it looks. Pretty terrible! This means that - even when applying the most positive assumptions - re Vaccine effectiveness, that: # the cost of saving 34 hospitalizations is 300 hospitalizations. 8.8X risk to reward # the cost of saving 0.31 deaths is 3.63 deaths. 11.7X risk to reward Any parent confronted with these figures has to decide whether they are willingly exposing their children to these kind of (short-term) risks, and we are not even taking into account the longer-term vaccine adverse effects of these jabs. = = = = = The full article complete with all figures and references to underlying studies/data can be accessed here: > https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/pfizer-says-their-covid-vaccine-works?fbclid=IwAR0ciinpHsEJqjOjxPAomKhU4XbkV0uiabwZbrNKPy_RpVQOswObkSSsEAQ
  5. Yes, having two separate PERSONAL accounts is the best way to go about when you need to provide evidence of meeting the financial requirements for Immigration purposes. > A regular Savings account - with a debit card - to be used for your daily expenses, and > A Fixed Deposit account to be used for providing evidence to Immigration that you meet the financial requirements when applying for the Non Imm O Visa or the 1-year extensions of such Visa. By keeping the required amount on the Fixed Deposit account, you cannot accidently slip under the required tresshold figure for the funds required by Immigration. The AMOUNTS that need to be kept there (and which you should never go under) are different for a Visa/Extension application for reason of marriage, for reason of Thai dependent children or for reason of retirement. And also the PERIOD that amount needs to be seasoned on your Thai bank-account differs, based on the above. Be aware that when using the Funds-in-Bank method, and applying in-country for the Non Imm O Visa for reason of retirement (or first time for your 1-year extension of stay for such Visa acquired abroad), that Immigration also requires you to provide evidence that the funds originated from abroad (unless your pass-book provides evidence that those funds have already long time been seasoned on your account).
  6. You should also be aware that when you intend to use that bank-account to meet the extension requirements for a Non Imm O (or O-A) Visa, that it needs to be a PERSONAL Thai bank-account . A joint account is not allowed for that purpose, although some offices do allow it if the amount on that joint account is DOUBLE from what the requirements prescribe (which would be the double of the +800.000 THB for a Non Imm O Visa for reason of retirement - since you are not married yet with your Thai fiance, that would be applicable for you).
  7. In 2020 during the first 6 months that border-restrictions were imposed, Thai Immigration made it very difficult for those at the end of their permission to stay to extend that stay. And in the usual Thai chaotic way, there was no nation-wide consistency in the requirements imposed by local Immigration Offices for extending your stay and those requirements differed widely depending on where you applied. As a result they actually chased out many foreigners that wanted to stay longer (e.g. the ones that made use of the ME Non Imm O Visa and had to make 3-monthly border-runs). All this, while the TAT. alarmed by the falling tourist entries, started launching campaigns to attract tourists (all foreigners are 'tourists' for TAT even if their intent is long-term stay). It dawned very slowly on the always inward-looking Thai Immigration officials that very little new tourists/long-term stayers were coming in, and when finally that penny had dropped - maybe with some pressure from TAT and the cabinet - they introduced the 60-day covid-extension option. In the beginning they even imposed some impossible administrative burdens on getting that one (they never learn), but most probably Imm Office 'management' interfered and had to re-educate the local 'be tough on foreigners' Imm Offices to be more welcoming. I even remember end 2020 the nation-wide Thai Imm Office chief visited local offices to personally bring a 'Be Nice to Foreigners' message. Bottom line is indeed that with large scale tourism not coming back anytime soon, in spite of all the Grand Initiatives to attract tourists/long-term stayers (but sabotaged by their now ever-changing 'requirements' for those tourists showing an interest), it would be utter stupidity to end the current 60-day covid-extension option. That would force all those making use of that option to exit Thailand, and with current border restrictions and quarantaine rules it is doubtful that they simply would come back on a 'legit' Visa. So imo - and if Immigration has any sense in its bureaucratic body - they will prolonge that 60-day covid-extension option until border and quarantaine restrictions are eased (i.e. allowing a quick same day border-run with minimal hassle).
  8. Thanks in advance, irrespective whether it turns out to be possible or impossible to do so.
  9. This site > https://covidvax.live/location/tha will provide insight in the current Thailand vaccination- status. Easy to determine from those figures, what a 50% vaccinated status requires, with only 21.66% of the population fully vaccinated.
  10. Hi, Asking for a danish friend of mine. I know that Denmark is one of the countries that does not have a reciprocal income-tax agreement with Thailand. Therefore my question - on his behalf - whether there are any Danish TT-members that have opted to pay the income-tax for their pensions in Thailand. The reasoning being that providing evidence of having declared and paid taxes on your Danish pension-income in Thailand, might allow to reclaim the taxes withheld at source in Denmark. Considering the enormous difference in income-taxation between the two countries, such a move would be highly rewarding. If there are Danish citizens having done this it would be interesting to know how to go about on this matter. Also if that 'loophole' has been made impossible by Danish Tax-authorities, it would be interesting to receive such information. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dear Lord have merci on me, as the Ruthless Impaler has exposed my 'dong' for all to see...
  12. For the determination of the infection fatility rate in the different age-categories, the WHO published % figures are accurate till 2 figures after the comma. A 100% infection fatality rate in the 0 - 19 age category does NOT mean that there are NO deaths in that category (see your example). It means that the risk of dying from covid-19 infection when between 0 -19 years of age is LESS than 1 in 99,995 and so that result is rendered as 100,00 % infection recovery rate or ZERO fatalities. That 4-year old dying from covid-19 is the proverbial 'one' than succumbed, while more than 20.000 in that age-category survived covid-infection.
  13. It is a highly contested issue. You are correct that mask-wearing does NOT protect the wearer, and it actually exposes the wearer to risk of infections as the mask works as a petri-dish of bacteria. The societal damage of the continual reminder by mask-wearing that everybody is a potential spreader, is far greater than the minute possible spread-reduction by an infected person. That said, I am wearing the damn thing when entering a shop or super-market. This in spite of my conviction (and the scientific evidence backing up that stance) that masks are totally useless for curbing the spread. But I do not want to heighten the stress-level in those that believe it is useful, and hence I wear that thing and take it off the minute (actually the second) I leave the shop. Where I live you are luckily not fined or reprimanded when not wearing it outside...
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