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  1. I get it, democracy is important. However the country is still in a much greater crisis. I would postpone all activities until vaccination is successful.
  2. Not really surprising. Same for my (German) Government. they stop caring somewhat once you are overseas...
  3. I don't mind the quarantine as such, but the process for (xxCOExx) is too lengthy. I hope by November all will be easier.
  4. The practical solution would be to get a flight from BKK to Koh Samui, stay over the weekend and head back home with 20K in the pocket! Also appealing would be a quick trip to Germany and see family and friends. If I had to spend the money I would likely take the wife and kids somewhere interesting. Australia may be good.
  5. I think we need to get a dual system. 1) Government provides vaccines to those in need for free at public hospitals, vaccination centers etc. 2) Private hospitals provide vaccines to those who can and want to pay , free market rules apply For my job, I need to travel worldwide without restrictions, so I need a vaccine that is EMA or US CDC approved.
  6. About 20 years ago I had a run in with a couple dogs on Phuket. Driving on my small motorbike, I believe it was a Honda Excel, I was attacked by two vicious dogs. Trying some defensive moves the dogs retreated. Unfortunately in the process the bike tumbled and my mother who sat on the back of the bike, bless her, and I landed on a pebble road. Luckily only minor scrapes and bruises were sustained. Judging by the pink dresses these two poodles wore, I believe they actually belonged to someone and were not strays. Seriously, dogs can be very dangerous for motorbike drivers. Always wear a helmet and try to drive sensibly.
  7. Thanks KC. I am looking forward to get good at it and make some nice videos and aerial photos as hobby.
  8. Yes, excellent summary. What Thailand needs now is vaccinations! and open up again soonest a reasonable percentage is reached, not before!
  9. I believe Thailand's numbers looked good for so long, because not many tests were made. We rank at about 140 for tests per 100K people.
  10. It is footage like this that made me buy a drone! Now I am getting ready to have it registered in Thailand. as always, nothing is as simple as it seems...
  11. Hi, I am Stefan. Living since 20 years in Bangkok with my family. Originally I am from Germany, but believe I have a sense of humor.
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