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  1. Fair enough question too. In my view all people who work in the Executive levels of Government (such as as the Head of FDA) should not be able to work in that or any directly related industry (directly or as a consultant).
  2. EDITED: Facts in Bold - Opinions in Italics Smoke and mirrors. Why did they change the name? A bit of history. Pfizer, has the spectacular achievement of being issued the largest fine of any pharmaceutical company in the history of modern civilization. The were issued a 2.3 billion dollar fine. Let that sink in. List of largest pharmaceutical settlements - Wikipedia (GlaxoSmithKline is the biggest - many others too). Also, Pfizer and the FDA have an incestuous relationship. They swap executives routinely. The FDA is responsible for the authorization of the mRNA vaccines. Surely, the executives that came over to the FDA from Pfizer are being completely objective and have the public's well being in mind and not the profits of a pharmaceutical company? (Scott Gottlieb left FDA after 2 years and later he joined the Pfizer's board of directors - he also works in several other roles in the industry - he was working in the Pharamcuetical industry before he joined FDA) These are not "conspiracy theories". They are facts. (They are mostly opinions)
  3. Yep - and not much in the far north east !!
  4. This is a 'translated' version of Ptolemy's world map: And this is about who Ptolemy was - quite interesting. Ptolemy - Wikipedia
  5. Agree 100% about the Thai food - so much better than available on other airlines. But, if something goes wrong during the flight, you will definitely have a 'better flight experience' with Qantas. I have found Qantas overall is much better than Thai - except for the food. We have flown Aust to Thailand and back many times, and we have used most of the airlines (even AirAsia - never again). Qantas overall is the best - usually the better planes, usually the better crews (but not as lovely), and always the best pilots. The other 'biggies' to check are the seats and the onboard entertainment system. AirAsia has the smallest seats and bugger all 'entertainment'. Qantas usually has the biggest seats. Singapore has the best entertainment system. But as I said before, the main thing is to check which airplane is scheduled for that route with each airline (sometimes will change, but usually not). Then check the pricing. Then decide based on those 3 issues first, and the other 2 issues second. Price is not the number one - nor is any stopover length - unless way too high price, or way too long a stopover. I can deal with bad food, better than I can deal with a very uncomfortable small seat designed for an Asian person and no entertainment system. The Thai wife doesnt really care about the 'comforts' - she sleeps most of the flight, doesn't eat much, never uses the entertainment system (has IPad), and is comfortable sitting or sleeping on a rock. Overall, I have found that none are perfect every time - so I now stick with Qantas usually. Next time, I will also put that Taiwan airline (EvaAir) into the list of options.
  6. I have to disagree - because it depends on the route and airline used on that route. We flew from one city in Australia direct to Bangkok and the flight was good - great new plane and a top level crew. We flew direct from another city and the flight was terrible - old crappy plane and disorganised flight crew. As in all airlines, the best pilots and crews get to work on the best planes. The plane is important - same as the airline.
  7. There is a lot of 'why' things about companies in Thailand that can only be answered by saying that they do not operate under the same legal and fiduciary rules and regulations that western companies do. It is an accepted and common practice all across Asia that payments and gifts are made to 'senior people' to do business. Some have become less 'corrupt' in the global economy, while others (Thailand) have become more corrupt. It has been that way in Asia for a long long time. Story: Years ago the number one selling scotch in Japan was Johnny Walker Black Label. Some idiotic progressive new Marketing Manager, fresh out of Harvard or whatever, arrived and did the numbers and decided to lower the price by x% because that would increase sales by Y% and therefore profits would increase by Z%. As always, the Japanese staff members did not argue as he would 'lose face'. Sales crashed dramatically - and eventually the Manager was 'recalled'. The CEO in USA asked the Japanese Management - Why? They explained that because Johnny Walker Black Label was the most expensive scotch and everyone knew it, people bought it as a 'gift' and buying the most expensive scotch was deemed to be a very high token of respect. When the price dropped and it was no longer the most expensive, people stopped buying it because to buy a 'cheaper' gift was considered an insult.
  8. Advice - do not put your finances under the control of a Thai person. It does not matter how strong the relationship is - it is bad practice and has lots of potential downsides in the future. Thai family members can make other family members and relatives do things, that we in the west have no idea or understanding of. Likewise, the Thai legal system is horrendous towards foreigners - you have no rights as you know them now. Having said that - next time you are in Thailand go into a bank with cash and your passport etc. and with your Thai fiance with all her ID and documents, and ask to open a bank account in your name. Some will say yes, and some will say no - keep trying until you find one.
  9. The danger is not only for those who invested in over-inflated property in China, which is mainly the Chinese themselves, it is the potential flow-on as any collapse can lead to other collapses if/when panic selling kicks in. This is what happened in 2008 in the West - over-inflated housing underpinned a lot of bad debts, and when that 'asset value' was exposed and investors started selling short, the flow-on was that the share market crashed worldwide as everyone tried to 'get out' with as much money as they could. People in China were getting divorced so that they could each buy a property (only 1 each allowed), because the returns were enormous. Just like in USA, where it was propped up by Government policy (cheap homes for the poor), CCP policy has been encouraging for decades this type of investment and economic growth, all based upon those inflated property/asset values. Is this the GFC that China is inevitably going to have - or can the CCP delay it yet again and somehow hold things together? China started allowing foreign capital investors to put money into their country several years ago - the take up has been less than they wanted for obvious reasons. Thailand was doing the same with better results, but that has slowed significantly since 2015. China is now being exposed for what they really are, because Covid has made everyone re-assess them and what they have been doing - even Biden is moving away from them. All Military governments are basically Socialists and Communists - there aint no democratic values in the military for obvious reasons. As Thatcher said - 'Socialists (Military) always eventually run out of other people's money.'
  10. Thanks Faz - good news. Richard Barrow actually, but all good we all know who you meant
  11. Got me Rob - yes I meant the A340s - what a flying dog they are. Some say that there was a lot of 'incentives' provided by Airbus to anyone that bought them - and Thailand bought a lot. I sincerely hope that one day there is a free and democratic Government in Thailand, of the People and for the People. One of the many tasks they will undertake is investigations of all previous 'deals' where corruption is suspected. The seizing of all family and business assets of the corrupt, both in Thailand and Overseas, will provide thousands of billions of $US towards the Government funding of desperately needed infrastructure and services rebuilding. What I cannot accept about Thailand is that they have made no attempt to punish the Red Bull Family, when it is clear that they assisted him to escape overseas, and are obviously still assisting him. Only when some of the wealthy corrupt are caught and punished can Thailand move forward. Right now they are basically 'immune' - what was done when Thai Airways bought A340s when no one else wanted them, and what happened with the Red Bull fiasco, hang heavy over the freedoms and rights of the People of Thailand. Gee - I went on a bit there didnt I
  12. What a great idea. We have done less than you guys, but we plan to do many more when we return, so a map is a great idea. Plus of course, highlight all the golf courses we have visited
  13. Facebook? (replaced Myspace only better)
  14. First ever recorded world map
  15. Mate - brings back memories. Hired a boat and spent 2 weeks travelling to all those islands - best holiday ever.
  16. Before the world all changed after WW2.
  17. That's how it look to us down here !!!
  18. You are dead right. Bloke I know got a Non-O Marriage while here in Australia and it was fairly easy and certainly very clear what was needed. When it came to the annual 12 month extension when he moved to Thailand, it was far more complicated - and as clear as mud. Did what one IO said, and when he went back there was more to do. He basically had to re-apply to stay in the country another 12 months, even though he had previously passed all the requirements when in Australia - and it was approved in Australia quicker than in Thailand.
  19. Me Special - Me Me Me. Sit down guys and take a break - wait for the 'numbers' to be right and the whole place will then be reopened.
  20. Unfortunately, I believe that you are right - because the CCSA used to publish the number of daily tests and the percentage of positives, but they stopped doing that sometime in August for 'unpublished' reasons.
  21. Those A330-300s bought when Thaksin was PM, are world renown for an extremely high usage of fuel - they are not cost effective at all (and will destroy the planet!!). Those planes were also renown for costing a lot more than the ticketed prices - and I dont think that extra money went into better seats and wheels/tyres.
  22. Politically Correct Khrapp. They only used electric vehicles and devices at the airport, powered by 'renewable' sourced electricity. That they used 20% less aviation fuel is down to the use of alternative 'fuel' obtained by milking specially fed cows who dont fart. LOL !!
  23. They are currently trying to stop it for sure - but even there the uber wealthy can get around things using 'creative' legal and financial arrangements. Wealthy people do not move their money overseas in their own name - they use companies and investment funds etc. China warns of ‘malicious’ capital outflows as financial markets brace for US tapering | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)
  24. New Car sales in Thailand are controlled by a few extremely wealthy families. The prices are set to the dealers and that is it - unlike in the west, dealers cannot negotiate down their own margins on the deal. The only thing, as already advised, is that the new car Thai dealers can through in extras - but the base new car price is set already. What you should do is check around and decide exactly what new car you want, and then find out the current listed prices from their head office. Sometimes, the prices are lowered by head office, but the Local dealer/salesperson is still reading off the old price lists - sometimes. Knowing the base price beforehand gives you some ability to get the best possible deal. I know used car sales are always a risk in Thailand, but if you have the ability to deal with all the pitfalls (a Thai partner/friend is essential), then that is where you can get a bargain. They are somewhat 'controlled' like new car dealers, but they can negotiate. There are a lot of people in Thailand struggling to make payments on newish cars - the price they get is lower than normal - but the used dealer will try and sell it at the 'market' price, but they can negotiate down. Again - best to know exactly what car you want (and the listed market price) before going to see any vehicle.
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