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  1. First ever recorded world map
  2. Mate - brings back memories. Hired a boat and spent 2 weeks travelling to all those islands - best holiday ever.
  3. Before the world all changed after WW2.
  4. That's how it look to us down here !!!
  5. You are dead right. Bloke I know got a Non-O Marriage while here in Australia and it was fairly easy and certainly very clear what was needed. When it came to the annual 12 month extension when he moved to Thailand, it was far more complicated - and as clear as mud. Did what one IO said, and when he went back there was more to do. He basically had to re-apply to stay in the country another 12 months, even though he had previously passed all the requirements when in Australia - and it was approved in Australia quicker than in Thailand.
  6. Me Special - Me Me Me. Sit down guys and take a break - wait for the 'numbers' to be right and the whole place will then be reopened.
  7. Unfortunately, I believe that you are right - because the CCSA used to publish the number of daily tests and the percentage of positives, but they stopped doing that sometime in August for 'unpublished' reasons.
  8. Those A330-300s bought when Thaksin was PM, are world renown for an extremely high usage of fuel - they are not cost effective at all (and will destroy the planet!!). Those planes were also renown for costing a lot more than the ticketed prices - and I dont think that extra money went into better seats and wheels/tyres.
  9. Politically Correct Khrapp. They only used electric vehicles and devices at the airport, powered by 'renewable' sourced electricity. That they used 20% less aviation fuel is down to the use of alternative 'fuel' obtained by milking specially fed cows who dont fart. LOL !!
  10. They are currently trying to stop it for sure - but even there the uber wealthy can get around things using 'creative' legal and financial arrangements. Wealthy people do not move their money overseas in their own name - they use companies and investment funds etc. China warns of ‘malicious’ capital outflows as financial markets brace for US tapering | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)
  11. New Car sales in Thailand are controlled by a few extremely wealthy families. The prices are set to the dealers and that is it - unlike in the west, dealers cannot negotiate down their own margins on the deal. The only thing, as already advised, is that the new car Thai dealers can through in extras - but the base new car price is set already. What you should do is check around and decide exactly what new car you want, and then find out the current listed prices from their head office. Sometimes, the prices are lowered by head office, but the Local dealer/salesperson is still reading off the old price lists - sometimes. Knowing the base price beforehand gives you some ability to get the best possible deal. I know used car sales are always a risk in Thailand, but if you have the ability to deal with all the pitfalls (a Thai partner/friend is essential), then that is where you can get a bargain. They are somewhat 'controlled' like new car dealers, but they can negotiate. There are a lot of people in Thailand struggling to make payments on newish cars - the price they get is lower than normal - but the used dealer will try and sell it at the 'market' price, but they can negotiate down. Again - best to know exactly what car you want (and the listed market price) before going to see any vehicle.
  12. With the switch being made from 'control and stop Covid' to 'manage and live with Covid', this is what will happen worldwide in late 2022/early 2022. As soon as each Government achieves vaccination rates above 70-80%, then they will also come under pressure to 'open things back up'. As soon as the vaccines are developed so that they that also include the Delta variant (V2), then another mass vaccination drive worldwide will occur. Hopefully that refinement happens quickly, and the vaccine V2 rollouts will be better managed than they were this time around. Certainly production timeframes will be much improved - as long as there is not a shortage of critical ingredients (like glass for the vials).
  13. Covid 19 has and will force a lot of changes in the world. One day we that are still here in 2030 will look back and reminisce about all those changes. Will one of those be the inevitable bursting of the Chinese property market that currently looks very similar the the US property market in 2008? For decades many economists have said that the China economy was 'built on sand' and that eventually it had to collapse because ongoing massive annual growth is unsustainable when based mainly upon inflated property values. How many shopping centres and housing projects have been built in China that are essentially vacant. Like her or not, Thatcher said it best when discussing alternative forms of Government: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." As with all things, the uber wealthy are aware of the impending changes before they occur. Is the recent Visa packages on offer by Thailand to wealthy foreigners, directly targeted at those Chinese millionaires that will 'take the money and run' before the Chinese economy collapses?
  14. Too logical - that wont happen. They will decide time is up and refuse to extend again despite logic, or they will think about all the negative international publicity and decide to extend. As Fax says - it is speculation, but Richard has been right before (and wrong). At least think about things and have a Plan B is my advice. If anyone is in that situation and waits until all the panic happens, then they will be worse off than if they did a little planning and got some advice. Forewarned is Forearmed.
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