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  1. Buttaxe, to each his own. I am not against any Chinese person and I know there is no perfect governmental systems because there are too many opinions & beliefs. Being rule by many heads have disadvantages & so is being rule by one man. I am for working toward everyone's with equal rights & equal opportunities. Yes, I am a dreamer, but China government is not it!!
  2. Buttaxe, you assume that I agree with the US government in ways that it handles the world politics. I don't want to get too deep into politics, but I prefer the US Constitution over any communist & any authoritarian government. Do you prefer one man ruling the nation for years & people don't get to choose?
  3. China handled pandemic as the Communist authoritarian country that it is. The outside world would never know the truth how it started & how many of their citizens died. There is no humanitarian treatment for its people, but the power of the government. I rather die with my human right & freedom intact than to be control by this government.
  4. This is how the Chinese are taking over the world. Slowly taking control of every valuable resources like in Tibet. Tall mountains in Tibet created very large important water supply to many regions below it. Now, they are building a canal through Laos & Thailand toward the Gulf of Thailand (about to become part of South China Sea.) The Chinese already have their naval ships shooting at Vietnamese ships claiming their South China Sea territory. The US owes much debts to China & the list goes on..https://hbr.org/2020/02/how-much-money-does-the-world-owe-china What the average people are doing? Well, we are being fed a bunch of conspiracies that we can no longer believe anything. We are being bombarded with small stuffs that we don't see the big picture. It is like being in slow cooking pot & we don't know it. I for one, try my best not to buy Chinese made products like that from the #2 online sellers Alibaba.
  5. But!! the Thai government doesn't use good senses. They seem to rule by fears.
  6. Hello BainaiThai, If you are a foreigner who came into Thailand legally, then you are governed by the type of visa you have. If you came into Thailand illegally, then you can do anything. (kidding) On a more serious note, the way things work in Thailand is: Many rules & restrictions and the Thais don't even follow them, and break them. I have seen many restaurants that run by foreigners, but are under disguised as "helper without pay." It is a delicate walk that you must not handle money and must only be seen as helping. Being a farang (not easily blend into Thai crowd), you have to play by the rules. I love Thai people, but they seem fearful, and nosy into other people's business. Best for foreigners to try to blend in, be friendly & never get into confrontation about anything. Smile a lot.
  7. I will believe it when I see it. We are not going to wait for the Thai government. Lucky us, we have another choice. We are going home to get our choices of vaccines.
  8. Naive, uneducated & developing country, we forget Thailand still is. RIP, the farmer & son.
  9. Jw1206, you are right! Do not come to Thailand now. The beaches will wait for you when all the dogs stop chasing their own tails and have their *hit right, you can visit. .
  10. I like Greek mythology. However, my reading ability probably won't allow me to comprehend the story, but I will look for movies instead.
  11. I can count with 1 hand for the physical novel books, and one of my favorite was "Inferno" by Dante translated by Niven & Pournelle. However, I have probably listened to more than 150 audibles. I gather that I am a little adhd that I couldn't sit still to read. I enjoy reading the "How-to" or "Repair" manuals, those are outside my audible listening. My current audible is, The Ra Contact. Ninety-nine percent of my audibles are toward finding the answer to my life's purpose. This Ra Contact has many answers that is very interesting (to me.) I think some would say, its crazy, but I can escape from the real crazy world, and Ra gives me hope:)
  12. This is true for foreigners in Hua Hin area. I have found out if you are 70 years and older, you will get AstraZeneca vaccine. I happen to be under, but with underlines medical condition. I was given an appointment for the vaccine on July 8th. The vaccination is scheduled at Hua Hin hospital. My friend, a Thai person did not get an appointment because she was under 70 & without listed medical conditions. We received the share link of Facebook of Hua Hin Covid -19 Community support announcement: BluPort Covid Registration. Many of my Farang friends are happier to be able to included in the vaccination plan. I am younger and believe that I am in good health. My last flu shot was when I was in my 30s, when I was in the Army. I am not sure if I will go through with this yet.
  13. I have found the Bangkok Post news headlines that alcohol sales ban extended to end of May. I also have been buying alcohol at Makro & convenience stores in Cha Am without any problem. But I also know that the bars & restaurants are not supposed to serve alcohol, but we've been able to bring our own. Here's the link: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1910680/booze-ban-extended-to-may-31
  14. WHO Coronavirus Global Data as of May 20th, 2021 United Kingdom Population: 66,796,807 Covid Confirm Cases: 4,457,927 - Death 127,710 France Population: 67,406,000 Covid Confirm Cases: 5,820,918 - Death 107,403 Thailand Population: 66,649,417 Covid Confirm Cases: 126,118 - Death 759 I see the big picture here when I compare these other countries because their population are approximately nearly same as Thailand. I just saw a light at the end of tunnel when I drove by Cha Am hospital seeing hundreds of Thais getting vaccinated. Maybe I am too optimist.
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