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  1. I understand it is only your opinion, but your supported statement seems very logical. The WHO is another political mouthpiece. In my little circle of family & friends, my 90 y.o great grandma & a 40 y.o. sister both contracted covid 19 last year. Their symptoms were flu like and both recovered from it. What I see is this flu is easily catch, but it is not as deadly as they make it to be. Remember Ebola that kills 50% people infected? Look at the numbers, but don't buy into fears. As fears can sell anything to people like this mRNA technology that has NOT been able to get approval until now with this covid. I have taught my kids to watch for people's motives , not what they say, but watch how they try to reach into our pockets.
  2. Greeting BlueSphinx, I welcome you as I enjoy good discussions &/or debates. I like to get to know what makes people tick. Sometimes, I even learn from what others have to say.
  3. Buttaxe, to each his own. I am not against any Chinese person and I know there is no perfect governmental systems because there are too many opinions & beliefs. Being rule by many heads have disadvantages & so is being rule by one man. I am for working toward everyone's with equal rights & equal opportunities. Yes, I am a dreamer, but China government is not it!!
  4. Silbers, you're just as young as me :) Thanks for sharing yourself here. I enjoy knowing what other expats are doing here in Thailand, since I am still on the fence about making Thailand my home. I came here last year in February taking early retirement. So far my partner & I have reduced our blood pressure down to normal. We had left a fast-paced life of driving to work in downtown Seattle. I like it here, but still adjusting to the Thai drivings. They seem very polite & nice until they are on the road. I don't mind differences of opinion & enjoy the debates. I'm retired & don't care too much to talk politics anymore. However, I am curious why someone believe in aliens, or conspiracy theories. I truly am curious. I do want to know why someone comes to the conclusion of aliens taking over the earth. (p.s. I have a different conclusion:)
  5. Buttaxe, you assume that I agree with the US government in ways that it handles the world politics. I don't want to get too deep into politics, but I prefer the US Constitution over any communist & any authoritarian government. Do you prefer one man ruling the nation for years & people don't get to choose?
  6. China handled pandemic as the Communist authoritarian country that it is. The outside world would never know the truth how it started & how many of their citizens died. There is no humanitarian treatment for its people, but the power of the government. I rather die with my human right & freedom intact than to be control by this government.
  7. This is how the Chinese are taking over the world. Slowly taking control of every valuable resources like in Tibet. Tall mountains in Tibet created very large important water supply to many regions below it. Now, they are building a canal through Laos & Thailand toward the Gulf of Thailand (about to become part of South China Sea.) The Chinese already have their naval ships shooting at Vietnamese ships claiming their South China Sea territory. The US owes much debts to China & the list goes on..https://hbr.org/2020/02/how-much-money-does-the-world-owe-china What the average people are doing? Well, we are being fed a bunch of conspiracies that we can no longer believe anything. We are being bombarded with small stuffs that we don't see the big picture. It is like being in slow cooking pot & we don't know it. I for one, try my best not to buy Chinese made products like that from the #2 online sellers Alibaba.
  8. But!! the Thai government doesn't use good senses. They seem to rule by fears.
  9. Hello BainaiThai, If you are a foreigner who came into Thailand legally, then you are governed by the type of visa you have. If you came into Thailand illegally, then you can do anything. (kidding) On a more serious note, the way things work in Thailand is: Many rules & restrictions and the Thais don't even follow them, and break them. I have seen many restaurants that run by foreigners, but are under disguised as "helper without pay." It is a delicate walk that you must not handle money and must only be seen as helping. Being a farang (not easily blend into Thai crowd), you have to play by the rules. I love Thai people, but they seem fearful, and nosy into other people's business. Best for foreigners to try to blend in, be friendly & never get into confrontation about anything. Smile a lot.
  10. I will believe it when I see it. We are not going to wait for the Thai government. Lucky us, we have another choice. We are going home to get our choices of vaccines.
  11. Naive, uneducated & developing country, we forget Thailand still is. RIP, the farmer & son.
  12. Not too worry, MikeW. I know few Farang friends in Cha Am who have been here more than 10 years & can barely speak Thai. Many Thais want to learn English. If you have hard time understanding, I think you could find some young Thais to help. However, I have found it is a disadvantage not to comprehend the language in regarding to dealing with the immigration or legal matters. I for one had been frustrated with the Thai immigration even been able to speak Thai. If you are interested in learning Thai, you can pick to learn one new word or phrase a day, or one per week, or even one per year, lol. At this speed, by 4 years you should at least know 4 words or phrases. Pick the important words like, "Sawadee Krub", " Khuṇ sui" "Mī fan h̄rụ̄x yạng?" "Tow Rai?,"
  13. First time for this. I am going to fly back to the US, and don't know when I will be coming back to Thailand due to family reasons. We have adopted a young Tonkinese cat that we have grown to love like our kid. We have decided that we must take her with us, since this US visit maybe months or even a year. Have anyone here have experience with pet travel in cabin? or even as check-in baggage? Travel time is approximately 22 hours including 10 hours layover in an airport. I am not looking forward to this. I have read all the requirements for importing cat into the US.
  14. Jw1206, you are right! Do not come to Thailand now. The beaches will wait for you when all the dogs stop chasing their own tails and have their *hit right, you can visit. .
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