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  1. Yes. Absolutely. My other guess would be, the lockdowns are somewhat slowing down the virus here but at the same time elongating the spreading.
  2. I'm not questioning the vaccines. Sure they are crucial. I was expecting the Thai numbers to start coming down by now, based on what happened in India. My thought was, Delta is so much more infectious that it runs its course faster, therefore we should have seen declining numbers by now.
  3. I also find it quite interesting that cases flare-up in India pretty fast, but they came down at the same speed. (approx two months each way) Thailand however just keeps climbing higher every day during the last 3 months.
  4. It has almost nothing to do with tourism. This garbage dump just started to be used in the last year or so.
  5. I love China and the CCP or (CPC for poolie) so I can have my opinion without being told to STFU. :)))))) Whoa. Is this meant to be funny? ROTFL, Can't dream a better wednesday evening than arguing with two trolls :))))))
  6. :)))) Try to make a joke about Vinnie the Pooh on weibo or wechat and see how far you can go. Compare this to Pinocchio and how many times it is mentioned here without disappearing from the earth. I didn't say that western media is the metric of freedom, but when it comes to China vs. West, I think 99 people out of a 100 would select the west. As I always say to people like you: You aren't stupid, but you are just out of luck when you're ought to be thinking.
  7. I'm not gonna argue whether you like China or not. If you say so I believe you. However, I can still say things about the govt. here. I can watch youtube or use google, I can post on Facebook, or any other socmed apps without using VPN, which if I would use in China would be illegal. I can buy a beer or food or milk powder for my baby without worrying about fake poisonous crap. I don't have to worry about my religion, and being sentenced without seeing a lawyer. I could go on with the list but I know diddly squat about China, so I wouldn't. oops. I almost forgot to mention the pandAmic. It's still a question of whether it was a lableak (probably) or zoonotic, but one thing is for sure. China deliberately covered it up, causing death to millions. I can't wait to move there.
  8. Rule 11... only make promises that you can uphold to it BANGKOK, Aug 4 (Reuters) - The chair of Thailand's Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG) (THG.BK) said on Wednesday that a deal to import 20 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech (PFE.N), (22UAy.DE) COVID-19 vaccine was unlikely to happen, despite his earlier claims that a deal was close.
  9. Rule 10... Don't keep too much money in the bank. Thailand’s Deposit Protection Agency (DPA) said on Wednesday that from August 11 onwards, it will only provide protection for 1 million baht per account holder instead of 5 million baht.
  10. Who needs these corals anyway? We can't eat them or funk them so they are pretty useless to humans. They should stop complaining. If they don't like our sun cream they can just leave.
  11. So we just send your profile picture guy (Rambo) to deal with them. Case solved. :)
  12. Do they have Mercedes Benz factories in Taiwan? No? We are in trouble then :))))
  13. I posted earlier in case you missed it :) MikeW asked: What does coral have to do with a national park in the mountains? Nothing at the moment, but when Greenland melts the corals have to move higher up.
  14. Nobody wants war with China, but I'm not so sure about these commie bastards. They already managed to kill some 4,000,000 of us with their pandAmic. Berlin Germany on Monday sent a warship to the South China Sea for the first time in almost two decades, joining other Western nations in expanding its military presence in the region amid growing alarm over China's territorial ambitions. Countries including Britain, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, have also been expanding their activity in the Pacific to counter China's influence. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/08/02/world/german-warship-south-china-sea-intl-hnk/index.html
  15. The backdoor is still open. I hardly believe that they search all incoming traffic in case somebody hides in the trunk. Not to mention the private longtail "Fishermans" who I'm sure to turn down all paying customers from the mainland 500 meters away. 15,000 new arrivals to the sandbox were probably drawn some attention from the jobless "masseuses" in the north.
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