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  1. Good point- I am 12 hours ahead, 14 on the west coast.
  2. My Wise transfer from my Bank of America to my Thai account on Friday was there the same day.
  3. I am sure you see them around the house, but anyone land one for lunch lately? Looks like we are later!
  4. Thanks! Once foundation and walls start going up, it will be less boring.
  5. Using Filmora for the first time! If you like cars driving on the road, you will love this one. But a double espresso may be needed!
  6. Use Duck Go Duck- does not track you and suppress information like Google does.
  7. We filled ours 3 times over 5 years- hopeful that will do it!
  8. So true! Did you have foundation issues?
  9. It will be a great series, lots of story lines and drama, huge talent on both sides, and I have always liked watching games in Fenway.
  10. Not much to show work wise, jobsite is very wet.
  11. Thanks- Global House it is!
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