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  1. heh, bedtime leo indeed. it was bit sad leo, usually i do couple smokes within one kapong lek but its allright without. this morning less craves after brekfast.
  2. am with @King Cotton leo in my hand
  3. did pretty much as you vizualised @King Cotton, with leos and double fingers at the end with half still left, into fire. so day 1 no smoking. feels allright, was tempted after breakfast. find myself doing small useful tasks around home and garden instead of havin a sit and smoke. energy increasing by the hour but also energy taken to fight those little devilishi thoughts. but cravings last relatively short time, matter of seconds or a minute at most, but they can be somewhat frequent at first. thinking where i can now donate 25k thb a year that i will save from not smoking. good luck to others who still smoke, make your move..
  4. and they sell drones left and right without ever mentioning such, eh. luckily am a poor flyer and reckt ny 1st drone on 2nd day.
  5. so good @King Cotton well, i have 4 ciqs left. I'll do it it immediately, after those four... :(
  6. Can we get a ThaigerCoins here in near future? @Thaiger you know to subscribe/support Thaiger, to buy merch and then some:)
  7. Hot bath or jakuzys(?) are one alternative to sauna. been at san khapheng hot springs, there is little resort that has bathrooms with shkwer and bath connected to hotspring.
  8. Thats one great way indeed @Andrew Reeve many friends around shown success like that. am more all in guy, all or nothing, cold turkey for breakfast:)
  9. Hash House Harriers twice a week on new trails to run and have fun. there was pause on everything for a while for me and the very latest for HHH as i understood via emails, due to gov. regulations but likely picking up shortly again if not already good exercise, good to meet new people. fun times
  10. I saw this question coming @DPat i wish i could state that they are history for me but that's not the case. on a positive note ive been preppin mentally for a good week to make my move.
  11. Hey DoLittle i think its okay to give it a time.. especially as we get older and have families how long have you been here and especially at current location? for me for the first three or four years was like you described but on the other hand am totally cool to spend alot of time on me own. one or two farangs over years with whom could sit and talk and be ok but more Im moving aroundmy area more people i meet and some have become good friends, locals. thats pretty cool, and i barely speak thai bu we get by and learn because both sides show continuous effort. effort takes time and time shows who stick around and whos not. am still most of me days alone but its great to call up or when others call for a beer or whatnot.
  12. hei any sauna lovers here? as am from cold country, in winter times i was in sauna up to 5 times a week. even summer time, still couple of sessions of sauna was always something that i looked forward to after long day. better sleep and even better vitaliyzed mornings. here in Thailand not so much sauna time over last half a decade. living in CM i used to visit CR every now and then and there stayed at pimaninn hotel. they have fitness and pool center there and a little sauna for cheap. In CM i have been some resorts and spas with saunas but nothing too great for atmosphere or price wise.. Hows your sauna experience here? ps: i did findout when i moved here that there is saunas here and there and those kinky guysaunas not me style:)
  13. well done everyone who were able to kick the habit. i have stopped many times to then unfortunately pick it up again. but Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking book helped me alot to set the right mi dset to make it happen. and being ill is the best and easiest time to stop since there is no natural craving during that and rest is just maintaining the flow of telling smoke thought to back off.
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