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  1. I'm sure he will, but let me know if he needs his arm twisting, ok In most countries the basic MC's retail for around 2,000 thb/ $60, big name brands a lot higher, say $250. I nearly bought an expensive brand with lots of programmable functions but I was worried it could get lost or damaged in transit, as checked baggage, so I opted for a basic model and it performs admirably.
  2. Looks super. I also make pumpkin pies, using an Aussie recipe, as I often crave dessert with icecream or custard. It freezes well too!
  3. 1,317 persons polled out of 70, 000, 000 and this make headlines? It was a slam dunk question anyway.
  4. I was reminiscing with an acquaintance about a car I'd rebuilt, a Jensen Healey, bought as an insurance write-off and previously owned by an Auckland 'gangster.' Everyone thought Pete was a crook as he owned one of the city's most popular night clubs so he was tarred with that brush. In fact he was nice guy, big boy, ex rugby player and quietly spoken. I knew him long before I spotted the car offered up to tender. Pete had been driving home under the influence and lost control on the gravel shoulder of a bend, spun around taking out numerous wooden side markers and slammed sideways into a tree. The whole front and all down the drivers side was a twisted, buckled mess with the tree-shape imprinted in the drivers door. The rebuild took 3 months as I had to wait on some panels ex UK, others sourced in NZ and Aus. Most minor mechanical and electrical parts were all Vauxhall Viva, as was the engine subframe. I repainted the car to a light metallic green which looked fabulous compared with the original British Racing Green. I'm told that Pete still owns and drives his Oldsmobile, the very next purchase after he smashed the JH, and it's green same as the file picture, similar shade to what I repainted the JH >
  5. AZ is getting a very bad rep on Thai LINE groups also. The latest being the death of a woman thru blood clots after her 3rd shot! It was assumed she'd had 3 x AZ, but it may well prove to have been 2 of Sinovac. Full details or a source were not offered which simply adds to the anti-vax attitude of social media devotees.
  6. M26, you may wish to edit the above, it's ambiguous. Perhaps all the bored-with -covid-news-readers could find a Travel or Food or Car topic to respond in or even create your very own topic of interest? We're nearly all sick to death of hearing about Covid and this is a golden opportunity to explore new topics. M26 has some fabulous Trip Reports he may wish to share.
  7. From Conway or thereabouts huh, lovely part of the World. I frequently drove Granny Ghia's when I did a stint for Hertz in London, picking up or delivering all over the UK. Great cars! Reminds me of my 1st car purchase when I moved to Aus in 1980. I worked for a Sydney BMW dealer, a personal friend, and he'd traded in a mint '78 model ex-chauffeur-driven FORD LTD on a new Beemer. I paid trade-in value, very cheap, and it proved to be a real gem, often doing ~1800km round trips to QLD. File photo below, mine was white with white soft-top. Owned for ~ 5 years.
  8. Actually no, I didn't. The amount of money charged is not my concern, it's the discrimination or apparent rip-off at tourist attractions where ONE price could be displayed with a discount allowed for residents ... that method is fair and should not have to argued. As for other double-pricing, I can't comment as I have no direct experience.
  9. Ram is my goto hospital if ever needed, they have a good rep compared with the others, especially the big one on SuperHighway.
  10. I may disagree with you there old mate, not for the 1st time. I took visitors to the botanical gardens and were told the prices for 1 x Thai & 3 x farangs. I objected, "saying I live here and I'm bringing visitors, shall I just wait in the car as I'm not paying extra to (re) visit this attraction" The official relented and said, "oh ok driver go free with car price" ... not nice to be treated like this and I would have happily stayed out in the car, on principle. Will never take visitors there again anyway, it's gone downhill since our 1st visit.
  11. Sharky was a well known identity on the Gold Coast often seen around Main Beach in his yellow Lambo, couldn't miss him. He was a target for the cops but they couldn't pin anything on him despite having his Budds Beach apartment under surveillance.
  12. OK, that's good. Because I'd hate for his namesake to be here in Thailand, despite outward appearances.
  13. Jason Marriner is the son of David Marriner, of Marriner Group Melbourne. David was purportedly in the laundry business when I last docked at Laguna Quays ~ 2000. LQMarina and Resort failed despite millions wasted on building an airport (unfinished). https://www.afr.com/politics/the-special-survival-skills-of-david-marriner-20041106-jljp8
  14. Interesting topics and videos Yinn, although I hate seeing Anutin's face ... 2nd vid ... no comment. Wonder if he's related to David Marriner from Australia, another colourful character of some repute.
  15. I find local cauliflower absolutely tasteless. Normally I love it with a cheese sauce or crumbed and deep fried - better next day when cold! Thai cauli lacks that metallic taste which makes both it and cousin broccoli so special.
  16. I usually buy Aussie beef mince from Rimping here in CM. Expensive but you know it will be tender. I don't mind using Thai beef in a slow-cooked Asian-spiced stew.
  17. Old mate in NZ had an Anglia and used it to carry trestles & planks for his painting contracting job. Everything tied down fore and aft to bumpers, side to side thru open windows. Went around a sharp bend one day, car turned 90 degrees and trestles rotated straight ahead. Funny as. Steering spline was buggered and he steered with a multi-clamp secured to the steering column.
  18. Yes 351 Windsor :( and automatic. Was maroon colour (yuk) when I bought her so a full respray was done before I ever drove home.
  19. I love a good Massaman curry although I usually find Thai's over-sweeten the dish. My personal favourite is our Burmese style Hinlay or Hanglay curry. Spellings are as varied as the recipes though I adapted one (from 2) and make it with genuine spices which include mace, no chili, but loads of garlic and ginger for heat.
  20. I had one too, bench seats great for horizontal activities although I had to support the front backrest with a big leather belt from pillar to pillar after the internals collapsed.
  21. Thailand is a short flight away and both food and climate agree with most Cn visitors. Fast train travel and other BRI projects also make Thailand attractive. There are many Th/Cn facilitators to assist (ripping off) purchase of property, moving money from Cn to Th, arranging builders/lawyers/agents and almost everything else. The super rich are often the facilitators and/or developers here. They used to be able to buy property in NZ and Australia but those markets were belatedly denied them thru legislation.
  22. In '73 I had a restaurant and bought a Mach1 Mustang which we showed off around town and also took to the Drags, loads of fun was had with it after an engine rebuild, straight thru exhaust etc.
  23. My 1st series of fun cars was the Mini in progressively bigger engine size, later ones I rebuilt and added bigger carby and all the go-fast gear such as racing stripes. Can't remember how many I went thru, never had any posts or trees jump out in front, well not quite. One fast drive between Auckland and Hamilton I'd overtaken 12 slower vehicles on a long sweeping bend at close to 120kmph when a load bang sounded and steering was all over the place. Pulled over to find a rear re-treaded tyre's new tread had separated away from the casing. Continued on slowly after that. Quite a few years later my very last Mini was abandoned at LHR upon leaving for a homeward flight. It owed me nothing was full off rust and had a FRP front on it. It was cheaper to abandon at LHR than taking a taxi. Hate to think what the parking/towing/impounding fees amounted to
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