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  1. The most enjoyable car I owned, a Nissan 300zxTT (Z32) was also the fastest, with excellent handling, and comfortable on long distances. Recaro seats ensured a 1,000 km trip was not at all tiring. A one owner 1990 model imported from Japan with ~70,000 genuine kms, my Zed had been garaged and regularly serviced in Japan. I bought it fresh off the ship in 2002 and kept her until 2010 when I moved to Thailand. I added aftermarket mag wheels but retained the OEM tyre size & profile. Apart from a remapped ECU to improve power output without excessive fuel consumption, I did very little else. The 3.0L with twin turbo's was a superb engine and coupled to an auto transmission it was incredibly quick off the mark. Took a while to learn how to control her when cornering fast as unexpected kick-down could easily send us sideways.
  2. Telco's can stop the spam (source of revenue) quite easily. We used to get on 2 phones until I complained to AIS and it immediately stopped.
  3. ^ Great story to follow Trans as many of my (Aus/NZ) Nissan Z32 club owner friends were into major rebuilds. Some even transplanting LS1 donks into their 300zx's with all the bling bits that goes with it. I'll post a few pics soon.
  4. Surely not 555 We may never know the true stats and the way Anutin runs his unHealthy Ministry I wouldn't believe any data or press release emanating from his department,
  5. Cut it, no problem. We have hundreds in our mooban, ~ 30 y/o specimens, and both mooban staff and PEA can't keep ahead of the lopping and felling. The flowers are lovely but the seeds block gutters and drains. Old limbs frequently take out power lines during storms.
  6. Far as I know you should be ok to travel as long as all vax and Q papers are in order. With rules changing almost daily it would pay to be prepared for additional tests depending on the 'colours of zones' you pass through.
  7. If we were to have a 'Cars I almost bought but glad I didn't' thread my list would include:- E-type Jaguar - nearly bought one ~ '75 but it rode like a boat! Porsche 928 - a 1980's model, body in mint condition, not a thrilling ride but really got turned off when the owner 'showed off' a stack of repair invoices, inch and half thick! Lexus LS400 - 1992 model, Aus 2nd hand import - like riding an armchair with ear muffs on - too quiet, too luxurious! Fabulous vehicle & showpiece of Toyota engineering.
  8. I had a 'Morrie thou' Ute (pickup) mid-70's as a work vehicle, cost almost nothing and earned me a lot of money over several years. The Jensen Healey was my after-hours ride.
  9. Ookla test above after I installed a LAN>USB converter to bypass the old 100mbps network card. Not bad for a 6 y/o laptop.
  10. A post by a new member has been deleted as it was all in CAPs, (shouting/refer FG's) and should have been dealt with via PM to staff (as per FG's).
  11. Topic will remain locked, at least for now, as it went way too far off the rails. One member has been sent on holiday for a few days and we'd like to think he may reappraise his opinions and comment upon return.
  12. Toyota would have to be a Worldwide #1 though I've only ever had a few hand models. Honda and Mazda both excellent. The problem with defining the best or one's favourite is all makes differ in model range and build quality in different regions. ie: Ford Ranger easily beats Toyota Revo in most respects. Euro models outside of Eu, tend to be expensive to buy and maintain and all makes (except Toyota) go thru their ups and downs. Nissan and Mitsubishi for example.
  13. Aircraft type is the key. TG used old 777's with the entertainment boxes under aisle seats which reduced leg room quite severely. And aisle is my choice of seat. I can't abide poor food and service on long haul. AirAsiaX for us was an easy choice, Premium Economy lie-flat seats at a price that easily beat TG economy. Even Economy 'Quiet Zone' was a worthwhile investment as often less crowded. AAX food is excellent (included in Premium) although we'd usually order an extra dish or 2. Far better than TG economy offerings ex BKK catering. Singapore Airlines the best although schedules often did not suit. Back on topic, I wonder how many (if any) aircraft TG have actually sold as yet. Anyone know? They announced a 'trading profit' a few months back which was very surprising unless it include asset sales. On the subject of purchase -v- lease, I'd suggest low % borrowings from Government looked more attractive to the Board compared with lease rates and the Board were notorious for poor decision making.
  14. Shan State - Burma [Myanmar] From Wikipedia -Shan State, commonly known by its native name Muang Tai, as well as Shanland (Shan: မိူင်းတႆး, pronounced [mɤ́ŋ.táj]; Burmese: ရှမ်းပြည်နယ်, pronounced [ʃáɰ̃ pjìnɛ̀]), is a state of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Shan State borders China (Yunnan) to the north, Laos (Louang Namtha and Bokeo Provinces) to the east, and Thailand (Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son Provinces) to the south, and five administrative divisions of Burma (Myanmar) in the west. The largest of the 14 administrative divisions by land area, Shan State covers 155,800 km2, almost a quarter of the total area of Burma. The state gets its name from Burmese name for the Tai people: "Shan people". The Shan constitute the majority among several ethnic groups that inhabit the area. Shanland is largely rural, with only three cities of significant size: Lashio, Kengtung, and the capital, Taunggyi.[4] Taunggyi is 150.7 km northeast of the nation's capital Naypyitaw. Tai people from Shan State, carry no official status within Burma and enter Thailand as workers, domestic help or construction mainly, under strict immigration rules. We know them collectively as 'Tai Yai', regardless of the differences in ethnicity. They are hard-working honest folk and often discriminated against by greedy Thai's.
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