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  1. One doesn't have to be a director-general to guess C19 will be around for another year. The 64 billion baht question is will the government still be around?
  2. No but the answers may. Welcome to Thaiger, there's a wealth of knowledge here so please enjoy the experience. Whereabouts in Oz are you from and will you seek a beach, city or rural location?
  3. Kindly IGNORE this member, we are reviewing his recent posts including one now deleted.
  4. Soliciting for points again Colin, tsk tsk. But THANKS. We do appreciate friendly bar-room style banter and amusing anecdotes. Keep it up ... the banter too!
  5. I have no idea to what you refer. The workers camps I have posted about above are in Chiang Mai province, one I can reveal is the Winfloor company site, stamped concrete workers. My photo is from archives and depicts a typical corrugated iron workers hut, though most are never well separated by greenery such as that one in Phuket was.
  6. No, not X-Rated .... sorry .... Chiang Mai’s X-Centre is the one-stop for all adrenaline junkies with a wide range of thrilling activities to keep visitors of all ages entertained all day long. If you're young at heart and seen too many temples, bored silly with flower gardens or old brick ruins, then this is the place for you! More details here > https://www.chiangmaixcentre.com/
  7. Located in neighbouring Mae Hong Son province, this amazing place is best accessed from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai by private car. It may be done in a day trip from say Pai, but I'd suggest anything less than a 2 day trip is not sufficient. Guides will take your group through this incredible cave system on bamboo rafts and show off the unique species of ancient fish which thrive in the cold dark environment, you'll see ancient burial sites the date back 1700 years or more, view massive stalactites and stalagmites ... and much more. Handheld lighting is provided and when not on the raft one must take care on the slippery slopes - here one visitor holds up ~ 100 billion tons of limestone roof > I've stayed at the fabulous Cave Lodge https://www.cavelodge.com/ - food is excellent! Location here > https://g.page/cavelodge?share An excellent article here > https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2191402/Wonders-underworld-Explorer-captures-cave-cathedrals-ancient-glory.html
  8. Escape the heat of Chiang Mai city by visiting Hang Dong Quarry, also known as the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon. Obviously, no way near measuring up to its American counterpart, the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon is a former quarry turned into a stunningly beautiful location for a fun day out. Located roughly 45 minutes from Chiang Mai city centre in a small village. The canyon is carved out of red clay soil and is quite a sight to behold. Something a little different to add to your usual Chiang Mai itinerary. Source: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/thailand/articles/why-the-other-grand-canyon-in-chiang-mai-is-definitely-worth-visiting/
  9. Not far from Loi Kroh Rd, the Night Market area and a few doors up from the Iron Bridge > http://www.sakolexchange.com/th/ The above site should provide all one needs to know EXCEPT the actual fx rate, because Sakol's rate is tied to actual market rates which fluctuate during the day. I believe this allows Sakol to give a better rate, ie: take a smaller commission, than the banks.
  10. I know of 2 construction 'camps' in the CM region, both company funded, clean and well maintained. The Burmese/Tai Yai workers simply refuse vaccination despite one camp being offered Sinopharm, bought specially by the company. No Covid in the latter camp so far. The other camp wasn't as lucky. Down south many worker camps are mere corrugated iron shanties with poor hygiene and the most basic of shared amenities. This one in Phuket at least had some 'green-space' between huts >
  11. We've had the Dragon Sushi a few times but now it's so quiet I worry about hygiene. Foodcourt ok, used to buy from one lovely lady with hair dyed weird colours but she spoke English and her food was very tasty ... gone now, sad
  12. 47 new cases reported in Chiang Mai province today:- Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChiangMaiNewsinEnglish/
  13. Notable quotes deserve a special depository.
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