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  1. If you are talking about the green bean like seeds extracted from the giant pods from a tree I can sympathize. The trick is to eat them too! Not as nice taste as the smaller version that to me taste like fresh garden peas but ok. lol
  2. I had a cousin who managed to insert a P76 V8 into a Mk1 Escort . Being basically all alloy he only had to beef up the front coil springs a little. Insane wagon !
  3. Ever tried hand milking a cow? If you don't treat em nice they just won't let it go ! lol
  4. The problem is the conflict involving public opinion and expectations versus political policy that confuses and feeds public opinion and expectations ! From the outset of the "global pandemic" that has now devolved into a global epidemic of serious impact there is little consistency in policy other than haphazard political self preservative attempts to pacify expectations while negotiating the result of ignorance, deceptions, opportunism, and manipulations at almost every level everywhere.
  5. In a sense the suspicion is that actually they are and the vendor stalls/dwellings have a dual purpose ? Sad as it is that in the reality of the fact the people they are squatters on public land with no legitimate permission to be there and although can claim they simply eking out a living as best can there is probably some observed or reported activity they get a commission for also providing a pickup point for the traffickers. Always easiest to pick off the low hanging fruit in a display of law enforcement rather than go after the high .
  6. I am trying to understand what I see as your petulant fixation in claiming China has no innovative technology. In the process of being enabled as a mass producer of consumer products a natural part of that process has been a combination of utilization of imported technology and increasing development of it's own. There is no exclusivity to possession of technology purchased from a market that makes it available for sale or to be supplied it at the convenience of foreign companies operating for commercial advantage inside China. That some of it has been allegedly "stolen" again is hardly exclusive to China when industrial espionage is an international fact. That many foreign enterprises conceded to conditions of operating in China is an issue that is unrealistic in retrospective complaint that it involved technology transfer. China is currently the global leader in AI development . That the application of has some dubious applications does not retract from the fact. US sanctions applied to inhibit China have had an effect but the misguided "Easy to win" trade war hurt the US more than China overall. The current attempts of intimidation of China over Taiwan I see simply as yet another tactic with potential to end negatively for all involved.
  7. I agree in a general sense. An interesting fact is it was the imposition of regulatory changes back in 2020 that started to damage the financial viability of not only Evergrande. I cannot discount my personal speculation that the CCP has engineered a situation that in the end result will curtail the Chinese version of"Perestroika" and re-establish full State control over many sectors. Something that matches a lot of commentary about Xi's authoritarian influence. As for the military capacity I would consider it speculative in that there is so much propaganda touted on all sides in the renewed "arms race" if all of were to be put fully to the test the only decisive outcome could be horrific destruction not confined . In quite recent times China has successfully tested a ICBM which in a final showdown puts stain on the picture of security in remoteness. Brinkmanship is again the tactic and I too hope technology is not tested against resolve.
  8. In reality only is it now that other places are cheaper. India previously had it's chance but failed to take on the opportunity that China did. In addition the alternative countries to China other than India are incapable of equivalent industrial scale due to deficiency in energy resources. IMHO any major military engagement over Taiwan will eventuate it it's obliteration by reason of opposing positions of political defense and defiance way in advance of genuine humanitarian concern on either side. Once any conflict is militarily initiated it is doubtful that it will remain isolated or brief.
  9. "Deliberate" suffocation.......tantamount to saying "murder". Given the publicity and the video IMO hard to see any escape from conviction but it will be the sentencing that will define any real measure of justice.
  10. Aha! The market forces in effect. Click to Pray same same as Click to Play? Offers for exclusive reproductions of the Pope's ring, T-shirts printed with one of various claimed images of Jesus derived from a funeral wrap, a hyperspeed rendition of "Hail Mary's" on micro disk to save time after confessional moments, preferential access to bitcoin facilities for heavenly donations etc? I guess the Evil Evangelicals have made caused some real damage !
  11. Reassigned in what capacity? Same senior positions or Desk Jockey's awaiting further actions resulting from "internal" investigations? Naming them does their image any favors at least.
  12. If the allegation against the woman is true it can only be wondered at her murderous intent! Interesting that her relatives have removed her. Fearful of retaliatory activity or is there some history? A "Karen" ? If not her same applies to whoever it was ! Brave enough for the victim to take on such employment and even braver to continue with it!
  13. Maybe will surface as WeChatbook? A billion new associate members!
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