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  1. Enough said...without them...think of the consequences!!! I'll come back to my secondly tomorrow :)
  2. Thanks Jet for a professional presentation of the news. Firstly, I think those who received Sinovac, should be given the opportunity for a booster of Astra Zeneca or Pfizer. Many in this category were essential workers who were vaccinated when Delta variant took hold and are now at the point of needing a booster vaccine to remain protected.These are the frontline workers.
  3. Hmmm...looks like Sinovac is officially now "on the nose". To be fair, Thailand only had access to Sinovac at the start and with the surge in Delta cases, any vaccine was a good vaccine and certainly better than none at all. Now that more supply is coming online, I do think those first vaccinated using Sinovac are now due for a booster and should have one. We're learning that vaccination isn't just a two shot and all done thing. We're likely to require a booster and eventually an annual shot, just like flu shots.
  4. Cyber crime is the pariah of the modern age. Investment in counter cyber fraud, is so necessary.
  5. Jay could never be cast as Sergeant Schultz (to understand why, google Hogan's heroes...footnote for Jay's benefit). Unlike Thailand's reopening, it's never going to happen (I mean Jay being cast as Sergeant Schultz)
  6. Another episode of Tom and Jerry (typo..auto correct...I can't turn it off!!!) Tim and Jay. Tim get a monocle! And a Luftwaffe Colonel's uniform!! The only problem wit that is...I can never take you seriously again. As for Jay.....big hint (google Hogan's Heroes), if you ever hope to understand the inner workings of Tim's mind...well...it's a start anyway :)))
  7. Kob Khum Kap Jett for always presenting the news so professionally! I do miss the "Sawasdee Kap" and the wai at the beginning and end of the broadcast though. It is a unique way (worldwide) to begin and end a broadcast....so impeccably Thai. Don't worry, I readily forgive the american twang in your accent :)
  8. At first, I thought this segment was going to produce some meaningful dialogue and present some of the insightful comments people have made in the last day/week. But having watched the episodes, it looks like it's not worth the watch. It has a real "Tabloid feel" about it which there is enough of in broadstream media. Some of the comments you pick, are what we in Australia call "Dorothy Dixers"... just an opportunity for the hosts to take a free hit at comments they don't like/ don't agree with. The basis for Thaiger Bites is superfluous.....a bit of froth and bubble....
  9. Thanks Natty for the updates. I really think it's time that the Thaiger forcus on providing information dail about the number of people who have been vaccinated, first and second dose as a percentage of the population. This would be really helpful to those overseas tourists trying to plan a holiday or a future in Thailand. Also good to see that ASEAN has taken a stance on Burma.
  10. I only hope that the international community, can bring about enough pressure on the military there to bring about a return to democratic government in Burma. This military takeover was an overstepping of the military. Their role is to serve and protect, NOT to govern and force their will on the people.
  11. It wouldn't be the first time that the change of political allegiance caused a change of government. In my own country during the Second World War, one member of the house crossed the floor, believing the current government couldn't prosecute the war and the government (thankfully) changed to a government that could and did. So this may be a pivotal moment....time will tell....
  12. The evidence of vaccination really needs to be an international convention, just as a passport is. We have operated as a global community with passports. Countries need to come up with a universal document system that is universally recognised. In my country, our government is issuing vaccination certificates that have a QR code and be be pointed or stored on a phone (yes...not everyone has a phone....amazing I know...but true). It is recognised by mutual agreement in 124 countries. World leaders have had 18 months to devise a universal certificate system.
  13. It is sad to see this happen to such an antiquity. Thankfully it was built to last by devotees who I am sure considered it a great honour to build. It will last and endure with some care.
  14. Hmmm....things in Malaysia aren't going along that swimmingly at the moment. I can't really see why Thailand would be courting such an arrangement.
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