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  1. Can Thais count?? **Thailand is now expected to receive total of 152.9 million vaccines by the end of this year to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, an amount that will cover 70% of the country’s population, 50 million people total.** Should be that all the population will be fully vaccinated and still leaves 53 million for boosters.
  2. Agree can't wander around, admiring the beauty now, I can't even recognise anyone with a mask on.
  3. Mainly happens in the tourists places, I pay exactly the same as locals in the Northeast
  4. Some Thais have morals and don't want to resort to stealing or scamming to survive. Tourists only get scammed if they allow themselves to be.
  5. Said this 6 weeks ago, thaiger never mentioned my comment though, basic new world order. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
  6. Anyone know if I apply for, non-immigrant O visa or the CoE first. Embassy website is, clear as mud. Thanx.
  7. But Thailand Treat you as positive if someone near you on the aeroplane was.
  8. The UK are scrapping expensive travel pcr tests, I hope Thailand do what they do best, COPY.
  9. The unvaccinated Thais are spreading covid not the tourists
  10. Tourists will return if the expensive quarantine hotels and expensive tests are stopped. Data from the sandbox state only 0.3% of the estimated 30000 fully vaccinated visitors tested positive for covid, this is just 90. Tourists are very low risk so it can only be a money generating decision.
  11. Tourists will not return with quarantine and 4 tests, compare the facts. 73 countries accept UK nationals withe just a test on arrival.
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