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  1. And i wonder if the 90 tourists will have received a refund for their unused Koh Lipe hotel nights? It just shows how difficult it is to try restart Thai tourism in any meaningful way whilst Covid is like it currently is. But i guess Thailand's dependence on tourism means they feel they have little other choice but to try. Can't see it working though, at least for the next year or so.
  2. Some of the jokes in this thread, mine included, are a little poultry ?
  3. How can you order this? It just puts huge pressure on the investigation team to arrest someone, anyone to placate their masters. And to do it quickly. Everyone wants the perpetrator caught quickly but it has to be the perpetrator, not some poor innocent who is powerless to fight back against such an array of police and officials.
  4. Totally agree with your comment. It would be perfectly possible to turn THAI around, make it profitable, and a showcase for Thailand itself. It's in prime position as the national airline of a top destination (at least pre covid). But the current dire situation won't last forever and people will return to travelling. But you'd have to be ruthless in removing the bloat. And there's no sign of that happening, just more of the same from dinosaurs with seemingly no desire to turn it around.
  5. I read elsewhere that the bus will leave Phuket at 5am, arriving at Suvarnibhumi airport at 9pm. If that's true it's just another crazy decision. Chances are the passengers will have to kip on airport seats for the night, or face the problem of trying to book a nights stay in a nearby hotel. But how to do that? Again it's just designed as a money grab. A passenger would need to have paid for the hotel night in Phuket and check out very early. Then likely pay for another night's stay in Bangkok. Could have avoided that if the bus left in the evening, arriving Bangkok in the morning. What a s**tbox.
  6. One assumes, for such a lengthy bus journey, that at least one stop will be made along the way. For passengers to stretch their legs, or perhaps get something to eat. That should be interesting, one can imagine the reaction from locals to have a busload of foreigners suddenly roll up. And heaven forbid the bus should break down. What then? Have authorities planned for this possible outcome? I propose a committee of 5 star Generals should be set up immediately to work out a plan.
  7. Phuket authorities could have salvaged something from this mess. The very least they could have done was absorb the 1,500 baht cost as a goodwill gesture. After all, we're not talking huge numbers are we? ? But no, everything, literally everything, is done with the aim of squeezing money from the foreigners. What foreign tourist in their right senses would think of coming to this place?
  8. Thai authorities seem to be in denial of so much. I wonder if they have done any analysis or research into why tourists aren't coming? At this point, for foreign tourists, it is probably not the fear of catching covid and getting severely ill or dying as to travel you need to be fully vaccinated which reduces the risk of severe illness. No, i think it more likely the absolutely ridiculous rules Thailand imposes on arrivals, the extensive paperwork needed, and the massively increased overall cost is what is preventing many from coming. Get rid of COE, pre payment of accomodation, pre booking of multiple tests, heavy duty insurance, tracking whilst in Thailand and there might be an uptick in arrivals. Somehow i doubt this administration will do that as they seem to enjoy controlling people. So be it, just don't expect a tourism industry.
  9. Yet again Thai officials' display their unique grasp of maths. 40k foreign arrivals in the first half of the year. A time, when, at least for the first few months, covid was relatively controlled in Thailand. But still, only 40k arrived. Now into month 8 and covid is spreading everywhere, domestic transport shut down, businesses closed, health services collapsing and still lacking vaccines. But TAT expect foreign arrivals to pick up to 500-700k by year end - about 20 weeks away. What are they smoking? I suggest the main stumbling block to foreign arrivals is the ridiculous paperwork and payment upfront insisted upon. When they abandon the COE, the multiple tests, the prepaid hotels, the exhorbitant insurance and the tracking and reporting once you're in Thailand they may see an increase in foreign arrivals. And whats with all the colours? We have yellow, orange, red, dark red provinces. Now talk of trying to persuade other countries to class Phuket as a green zone, while in Phuket they speak of creating blue zones. Aarrgghh!!!
  10. I wish you best of luck, but it sounds like you might be stuck in Phuket for a good while yet. The sandbox always had a feel of "come into my parlour said the spider to the fly" about it. I suppose if all else fails, and you're desperate to leave to your home province you could set off in a car with a supply of brown envelopes. An envelope seems to smooth the way very often. I'm sure you'd find yourself at home very quickly. But joking aside, i suggest waiting in Phuket till you can get a flight might be your best option. Travelling by road you may have to cross a number of provinces and checkpoints and might find yourself being quarantined in the middle of nowhere - the rules are changing on a daily basis.
  11. Absolutely. And not just for the elderly and immobile. To drive into the nearest big town is a fairly long drive for many, several hundred baht for diesel. Money which isn't spare in the best of times, let alone now.
  12. Is there anyone in Thai officialdom who can understand that a tourist wants to go on holiday to relax, to unwind, to sightsee, to recharge the batteries before returning to their daily work. That means not going somewhere that is setting up emergency field hospitals for infected and contagious residents.
  13. Whilst it would be fantastic if this actually happened, the numbers appear to be unrealistic. 80% of Bangkok, 70% of 28 dark red provinces and 50% of everywhere else. That must be scores of millions of vaccinations - in one month. The logistics are probably doable. But there aren't available vaccines. All you hear are promises of orders, promises of deliveries, registration but no actual jabs. Didn't many Bangkok vaccination centres shut their doors yesterday as they had no vaccines and couldn't say when they would get more deliveries?
  14. I think most rational people expect things to get a whole lot worse in Thailand before it starts to get better. I thought i'd heard it all yesterday when a plastic water bottle was blamed for spreading covid. But i read today that tourists in the Samui plus scheme will have a covid education volunteer in tow as they go around. I wonder if the tourists were aware of that? I'm intrigued as to what these volunteers will actually do. I mean, if you went in somewhere for lunch, do they just sit there looking at you, do they buy their own lunch on 'expenses' or are you expected to buy them lunch? And more to the point, have they been vaccinated and tested multiple times if they are going to latch onto you all week? This was from the Samui provincial chief, After the second test, assuming it comes out negative, visitors are free to travel about on the island with Covid 19-education volunteers in tow.
  15. It was a word used by kids years ago when playing. A sort of magic word which protected you from any further attacks when you were playing a game. Childish yes, but we were just kids! Sums up this administration admirably though...immature.
  16. Love you loads PM, you the man! Whenever i see you on tv, i am reminded of the Tina Turner classic "Simply the Best". p.s. not really!! Fainlights, fainlights, can't touch me.
  17. Well, i think i've heard it all now. Blaming a plastic bottle that someone had put in the rubbish. Has the offending bottle been identified, given a PCR test and placed in 14 days quarantine? And given a stern telling off as well.
  18. Yes, but your best is nowhere near good enough.
  19. Memo to the handful of tourists who are there, and to any tourist about to arrive. Prepare to be locked up in quarantine at your expense. They really can't think beyond how to scam money. Why quarantine a few fully vaccinated, non infected tourists who you say you want there, when it's locals who are driving up case numbers. Could it be that it's an opportunity to extricate a few more tens of thousands of baht from tourists?
  20. This must be desperately disappointing for the ordinary Phuket locals, who had their hopes cruelly built up by officials over the last few months, and it's understandable that people from other parts of Thailand who have lost jobs and are in dire financial need would look to come to Phuket in the hope of earning some money. In their position i would likely do the same. But the situation is only heading one way. Until the spread of covid is brought under control nationwide, and most if not all of the entire country is vaccinated, it is completely pointless thinking you can start up international tourism. It may even do more harm than good at this stage. Even now, Phuket officials don't seem to get it. More than one of the 12 exceptions are open to interpretation. And just what is no.12 all about? It just sounds like an exception for brown envelopes. And harsh though it may be, students should not be allowed in and should be kept to online classes for the time being.
  21. And they think there are hordes of international tourists champing at the bit to fly to such a place. The utter greed of those who see an official position as a means of muscle flexing and enriching oneself is just going to implode this country.
  22. According to a broadcast yesterday, the Chief of the Phuket Employment Office, Ubon Chuaiphat, there are 26,764 migrant workers registered as working in the Phuket construction sector. Also, according to information provided yesterday, this time from Pracha Asawathira, Manager of the DEPA office in Phuket, “among those who are 18-64 years old, 35,168 have received their first injection”. What? 26k migrant workers in Phuket, and 35k of them have received their first vaccine. Is this just poor reporting, or me reading it wrongly, or did those officials actually say that about migrant workers? Amazing Thailand indeed. Joking aside, it's unacceptable that yet again, non-Thais, this time Burmese and Cambodians, are portrayed as the reason for an outbreak. Those officials must know that merely mentioning a nationality implants in many minds that that nationality is to blame.
  23. Unfortunately any plans will come to nought as long as the entry requirements remain as they are. It's just too much hassle to even arrive in Thailand now. So unless you have some inside information that the COE, pre paid bookings, multiple expensive tests, tracking etc. are about to be scrapped i wouldn't put too much effort into your plans - they are not going to amount to anything.
  24. This picture has to be the most damning indictment of just what Thailand has been reduced to. Sadly, there seems no end in sight to Thailand's troubles. Even when covid subsides those in power seem incapable of steering the country to a better future.
  25. This was an interesting graphic i saw the other day, from the Thai branch of an international property company. Of the occupancy rate and daily rate of higher end hotels in Phuket. Clearly things were starting to decline long before covid, beginning in 2018. One wonders if Thailand will address the reasons for the decline? Somehow i doubt it and they will plough on with the silly phrases of Phuket Sandbox, Samui Plus, Pattaya Move On, Hua Hin Recharge, PhangNa Even More Amazing thinking that's all they need to do and the millions of tourists will flock back. Boy, are they in for an awakening in the months ahead.
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