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  1. Right now the demand for all vaccines is very high and supply issues are well-documented. AstraZeneca was blasted both in Europe and Thailand already six months ago because they were failing to reach the numbers that they signed for in supply contracts. Supply issues are also the reason why these Moderna shots were "promised" for no sooner than October in the first place, and already back then it was explained that the initial supply would be scarce and that there wouldn't be additional deliveries until next year. The blame is partly on Thailand as well since they were very late in negotiating for deliveries, so most of the near future supplies have already been earmarked for other nations.
  2. Anecdotally Pfizer doesn't seem all that much better with regards to curbing the spread of the virus. On a personal level even AZ is just fine and there's no need to obsess about Pfizer. We're all going to need the boosters anyway eventually...
  3. Swimming would probably be allowed if they were able to replace the chloride water with hand sanitizer.
  4. This decision is completely delusional. Suddenly we can "adapt and co-exist" after 100x higher case load than at the time when restrictions were introduced. But face diapers and curfew of course must persist, they are the important part. On a more positive note, this means that my favourive pubstaurants serving vodka soup and beerstew can open up now.
  5. I've been vaxxed with first dose of AstraZeneca. The hospital gave me a regular A4-sized document showing the appointment time for my second shot. I've been told elsewhere that this document would suffice for travelling to the Phuket sandbox etc. so it should be adequate for dining too. The only "proof of authenticity" in this document is a tiny inked stamp below my name. There's also a QR code but when I tried reading it on my phone, it only resulted in a numeric code, so definitely no-one will have the proprietary equipment for verifying this QR code if they tried to. Funnily enough the document doesn't even have my name because the hospital's IT systems are useless crap. It was written afterwards by using a pen.
  6. As if those same places weren't violating every single hygiene law and alcohol ban and social distancing law among multiple others already... Even big-brand international chain restaurants were happily violating the requirements for social distancing prior to latest lockdown. Vaccination requirement is a pathetic excuse for the government to try save its face after f***ing up so badly in every regard so far, and now chickening out after a couple days of slightly lower infection numbers. There will be zero restaurants in Bangkok who would care about vaccination status after the first day or two.
  7. If you're looking to sue, I know a good lawyer who knows a couple good judges.
  8. I have been dabbling with the website. Onlyfans probably makes most of its money from scams. Sexy Instagram stars make an Onlyfans profile for "exclusive content" but never publish anything that they couldn't show on Instagram too. So essentially their fans expect to see nudes but only get the same Instagram-quality shit and have to pay for it. Then there's also the concept of mystery boxes. Whores (aka "content creators") can send a mystery box to a user in the chat. The user will only see how many photos or videos it contains and the length of the videos. But there's no refund. If you paid for shit, that's your problem, deal with it.
  9. All their excuses are bullshit. I am sure they were planning to introduce advertisements on the platform similar to Twitter and Facebook, and those advertisers often refuse to work with porn websites. So they were thinking that kicking out porn will cost less money than what they can make from ads. Guess again. Allowing plain sexy content isn't enough since Twitter does also allow nudes and they're already experimenting with paid subcriptions as well. Onlyfans would see itself overshadowed by Twitter in a couple months.
  10. The thing is that he said it but how many people are doing it? These village idiots have invented their hand sanitizer sauce all on their own and are also eating it. I'm only commenting based on my observation. My condo is filled with paranoid freaks who refuse to ride the lift with me and are walking around the condo yard in 50-meter-long circles with their heads wrapped deep inside diapers. They are absolutely insane.
  11. Unfortunately Thai people are like this in every sense. It is not about covid. The FDA should tell them that there's a difference between hand sanitizer and "food-grade alcohol" i.e. vodka. In Europe we learn such things already in primary school.
  12. The first people "fully immunized" with Sinovac would need boosters already before xmas... Recent study suggests that the protection from Sinovac degrades rapidly, number of antibodies halving every 40 days. But this is of course just a single study and I have no clue about the scientific standards in Thailand. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2147667/sinovac-produced-antibodies-halve-every-40-days
  13. AstraZeneca should offer a fair protection even after a single dose. I don't remember the efficacy of Sinovac, but it's probably very low for this delta variant with regards to symptomatic infections, while again fairly high for serious infections.
  14. Maybe I should have added a paragraph break in between the two sentences. My personal view is that many of the restrictions are panic-induced reactions and not based on sound expert advise. Shutting down bars etc., however, was probably a justified move but it is not the reason why the rate of infections seems to be decreasing four months after the fact. We have to assume that the government is mandating requirements based on expert advise after carefully studying the evidense. So if the expert advise at 5000 infections mark was to "close down everything", then these experts obviously should have absolutely no reason to suggest cancelling that mandate at a later-yet-identical point in time. And even less so if we're at, say, 15,000 per day 14 days from now.
  15. The useful restrictions have been applied since April and haven't got shit to do with anything. I don't think so. LIfting the restrictions at the same point on the curve where they were initially introduced at seems illogical. It would completely undermine the validity and basis of said restrictions. Right now it's too early to say what the direction for the curve is. I guess it seems to be starting the downslope. So statistically it would take two months to go back to "only" 5000 daily infections nationally. That's still a crisis if we look back at the talking points from two months ago.
  16. Unless they change the number of daily executed tests sporadically, the trends in numbers are still based on reality. At the very least it suggests that in some regions, where the testing capacity was previously running at 100 %, there are now less people signing in to get tested, from which we can conclude less infections spreading around in that area. People have been crying about falsified stats since day 1, but somehow we've gone up from 50... 100... 500 daily cases to over 20,000 now.
  17. Eh, obviously I wasn't talking about a daily dip. Daily numbers have no statistical meaning. I am talking about weekly trends. The numbers have been more stable (than in the past) for over a week now. Although on the plotted chart the "dip" looks somewhat sudden and therefore suspicious.
  18. Is this dip in infection rate caused by increased vaccination coverage? About one third of people have received their first dose and almost 10 % both doses. So it should start to show by now. Less and less need for people to report their mild flu at the hospital.
  19. Why are the criminals' faces censored this time in the photo? Usually everything is published uncensored.
  20. What a pathetic excuse for being pussies. Twitter is infamous for permanently banning people for action that they didn't even do on Twitter's platform -- even if you are a wrongthinker in other media, Twitter will ban you. So how the f*** are they going to explain that overthrowing a legal government isn't somehow against their imaginary rules?
  21. I was actually thinking about Hungary but from another perspective. The EU will be swift to engage in casual business with the Talibani administration while at the same time it wants to kick out Hungary for much milder offences. Afghanistan has rich natural resources and nobody wants to miss out on those.
  22. To me it seems like government's official contact tracing is still capped at around 3000 tests per day. The rest of the numbers come from people who voluntarily walk into a hospital for a test. We've all heard the reports that at least some hospitals are refusing to test people because after a certain limit. Personally I find it obvious that Thailand has reached its testing capacity. Since mid-June the daily new cases were increasing by about 1000 per day, from around 4000/day to 20,000/day. But! After cracking 20,000, the increase suspiciously slowed down, and since then the daily cases have increased by mere 3000 from 18,000 to 21,000 during the last 14 days.
  23. They seized about half of what is being sold on the Nana/Asok streets every day in broad daylight in Bangkok. The law just isn't the same for everyone.
  24. Now this is turning into a targeted bashing but whatever. I've been having this thought everytime I order from the mentioned "Döner" place. I just like shawarma better and it's half the price too. What I miss is the same kebab experience that I had at home in Europe, but this place doesn't deliver it. I'm not saying that their food is is less "authentic" or whatever, but I just don't like it as much. Besides their meals cost 300 baht, in Thailand, whereas mine cost just over 200 in the richer part of Europe. And they're now selling curry wurst. What a sell-out.
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