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  1. you might have "higher" expectations if you are able to bake your bread in a laundromat..
  2. Recent news reports indicate that you just need a car in your possession and someone willing to pay you cash.
  3. You do check though, as opposed to going off half-cocked. People can be easily offended and resort to personal attacks.
  4. Hung like the Loch Ness Hamster?
  5. I would tend to agree with Stonker on this and many other issues. He has the time, resources and intelligence to research and back up his claims. There are always ways to to get things done that may not be entirely legal, and discussing these options may contribute to the discussion. No need for name calling or insulting each others intelligence.
  6. I did this when I traveled to Cambodia last year. One of the stamps at immigration included a space for the immigration officer to write in the number of the eVisa. The eVisa system works well and I think it is a good idea for Thailand to use it.
  7. Another option would be to hire a driver with their own vehicle. I have never done this in Thailand, but it worked quite well in Cambodia.
  8. That may have been Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya. He will likely never be prosecuted and never convicted.
  9. A general sense of euphoria perhaps? Lucky to be alive? A big Hangover? Deathwish for vets? How can anyone know what a monkey feels?
  10. Red Bull gives you wings too. Bamboo shoots under your fingernails or battery cables on your nuts leave a lasting impression.
  11. Nice image at beginning of article to see while eating. 555
  12. A320 is an interesting choice. First Airbus A320 Crash - French Air show - YouTube The pilot was doing a low pass and when he tried to overshoot the plane wouldn't let him apply power. It decided he was landing and didn't need more power. Note: I just checked for verification of this, and there is some controversy. It may have been due to pilot error. The pilot actually ended up in jail. The sad thing is that most people simply look for the lowest price when they select a flight. An airlines safety record or choice of aircraft rarely enters their minds. I agree with you and will try to avoid a 737-8 in any future travels.
  13. Off topic, but I think the more romantic version is that the elderly Inuit would voluntarily go out to die on the ice so they wouldn't be a burden to their family. Expats with a family in Thailand are likely are not burdens to their families.
  14. Probably the monkeys worst day ever. He gets electrocuted, falls from the top of a tree and narrowly averts death by having his fall broken by branches lower to the ground. He then gets shot by a veterinarian. They attempt to cushion his fall to the ground with a bedsheet, but he misses the sheet and bounces off a DHL truck and is struck by a guy driving a Harley. On a more happy note, Peter Gabriel decided to write a song about him. "Cover me, when I run Cover me, through the fire Something knocked me out the trees Now I'm on my knees Cover me, darling please Hey-ey-ey-ey-ey Monkey, monkey, monkey Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey? Hey, hey"
  15. I think Boeing has cleverly renamed the 737 MAX to 737-8.
  16. He will be easy to keep in line. They already have a "monkey keeper" who is able to provide a steady stream of bananas.
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