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  1. With every choice they make to attract foreigners, they never ask foreigners for advice, and then come up with this. They always try to meet expectations of what they think is the stereotype foreigner they are trying to attract, but it always fails, because no one thinks in the way they expect foreigners to think. They probably have the idea that all over the west, people are blasting Andrea Borcelli on high volume 24/7 with a glass of wine and anything that sounds rich. I mean, he's not bad or something, but the choice is so random
  2. "However, Charoenchansa also stressed that a number of initiatives are being undertaken by the department in seeking to mitigate the pollution’s impact." What are they going to do? Put those big machines on the corner of the street again? Or what was that thing they used last year? Btw, checking cars over 7 years old doesn't help anything if you only do it in October~December. It should be done during the whole year.
  3. If it isn't Covid, then floods. If it isn't the floods, then it'll be Pm2.5. Will we get a break? At least this will be a legit reason to wear a mask.
  4. Does anyone know... Normally when family comes over, they will live at my house. Can this be done now too instead of a hotel?
  5. Whatever underlying health problems the people who died had, if Covid was involved, Covid did it. And that was all accepted as a fact. But when it's about the vaccine, it can never be the vaccine. Only the underlying health problems (which this person was said not to have) If a person died, right after a vaccine, it must be really a coincidence if it happened thanks to something else. Especially if the person was in good health. The vaccine might help many people, but just accept the fact that if you give the vaccine to everyone, some people might die from it. Reading this same comment a few times already, it's as if you think it's completely impossible someone could get something from the vaccine. If I feed everyone a peanut, some people might end up in hospital or worse too.
  6. When they get on social media I guess they'll immediately follow the account of the Swiss football club BSC Young Boys.
  7. So, he's only punished for killing the guy? How about all the other illegal things he did?
  8. Prinya says there are 3 crucial cybersecurity trends that will start in 2022. In what year are they living? Since the begin of online banking, there have been cases of people stealing money through that way.
  9. What are they going to do about it? More paperwork? Like every other solution? Or.... A card, to access a card, to access a permit, to access a document that can give you access to another document, that will help you to apply for another card, that you can use to get a bank card that can only be used once (for safety) to withdraw money at the bank. This doesn't mean that you will get accepted by the bank worker. You might bring along documents which prove your identity, and residence certificate, with copies, which are approved and translated by your embassy. All signed. Also it might require the vaccine and the Covid-19 test. Why? Who knows. But it will be necessary.
  10. "As the new case featured many customers saying their accounts had illegal withdrawals of less than 100 baht" Not saying that it's good, but with a few changes, this would be a genius plan. No one mostly minds if something like 30 THB is taken and especially if the transaction was called a fee. The thing that went wrong is that it happened a few times to the same people.
  11. Why do they stop? I thought that they said it was a good vaccine.
  12. Keep calling numbers you are begging for and it'll only backfire as people don't feel welcome. They only feel that their money is welcome. Btw, not even 1 of the numbers they ever reported on is reached shouldn't this be seen as constant failure?
  13. Maybe I am not completely up to date on the news..... But I thought that there was no quarantine after November 1st.
  14. Sooooo..... Everyone is prepared? Check Tickets are sold? Check Hotels booked? Check Perfect! Let's lockdown again or at least put enough measures so that no one can move anywhere.
  15. I'm not sure about if they really thought it through. Individually, Thai people can be smart, but when they all have some function and have to work together, nothing gets done. They always come up with an idea and they think they can make something out if it without a plan. So I think this kind of 3d chess thinking is not really possible for them as it requires a plan. When they go with the idea without plan it'll come with the usual huge amount of 'shit, we forgot about this.... And that..... And what about this then?'
  16. Thailand is currently the hub of proof and paperwork.
  17. In development? For foreign tourists coming here? *grabs popcorn*
  18. I totally agree with you there. But the way you phrased it made it look like you thought they didn't even try sinovac but that was the first thing they tried.
  19. Or.... They realized they gave some people something for free and ofc that may never happen if you scroll down further, you can tick the box of your payment method (no kidding, seriously)
  20. So if that's your vaccine certificate you have to upload.... Why can't we use it to apply for the vaccine passport? Why do we need a vaccine certificate to get a vaccine certificate? Can't we show the vaccine certificate to get the vaccine passport instead of showing a vaccine certificate to get a vaccine certificate to get a vaccine certificate to get a vaccine certificate to get a vaccine passport?
  21. I do need to note that it might be different now that proof of vaccination is necessary to check whether you need a Covid test or not. They have recently changed right after I entered. So I guess you are right, especially in a country where the rules change every day
  22. They actually did use it for a too long time. Idk, maybe you've missed it, but everyone was angry at the government because only Sinovac was available, while everyone wanted any vaccine except Sinovac. Then AZ became available too. Later also Pfizer.
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