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  1. Regarding BikerJohn's possible return to the Kingdom....Thailand is gearing up for big expansion of 'open areas' starting October 1st....I think it would be prudent to see what changes are planned before trying to finalize your return details. As my wife is a Thai national and we have our home in Chiang Mai, we are certainly waiting for exact details of return requirements starting in October. The sooner, the better! Good luck on your return. Cheers, Busqueezo
  2. Ah, the wheels of Justice need to be greased....and where o where can the perp be hiding in plain site?
  3. Question: Are the provincial buses are also going to require same test for travel on their buses as domestic airlines are going to require?
  4. I'm stuck in USA and if it takes wearing a mask and getting the vaccine...well, as I want to get back to our home in Chiang Mai....I'll do it. Am waiting for booster now with hopeful return Nov or Dec this year.
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