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  1. Whatever.. as long as hospitals are not full, and the death rate is low.. People impacted most are the dimwits who chose to not get vaccinated. As is the case now.
  2. My Thai friend and I did the Mae Hong Son Loop,--shortened slightly in his BMW 735. Started and ended in Chiang Mai. First night in Pai. Second in Mae Sariang, then back to CM. Stopped a number of times for rest breaks and to see the sights. I thought the road was in good shape, but it didn't appear to be built to any sort of western safety code.
  3. Exactly. People walking around asymptomatic , or feeling just a little off.
  4. Which means they don't know either. My Thai friend summed it up, (technically not correct, but the end result is the same) -- "Sinovac turns to water inside of you after 40 days, so what does it matter how you mix it".
  5. Nobody would sell them the good stuff. Too late for that. Had to get an Oxford chemistry professor who was also working with Siam Cement to initiate a deal to make AZ locally. Or Thailand wouldn't even have that.
  6. Yep. It's a Hierarchical / Patronage society. But I think it may be easier to move up and down the social scale than you think.
  7. Sorry, second hand knowledge only-- From four friends who were diagnosed with Covid at the hospital. They were instructed to take a pain reliever of their choice, drink plenty of water, go home and quarantine themselves. Which they did, and all four recovered. None of them have or had any underlying medical problems that I know of. See the Mayo Clinic' s website.
  8. I'm sure the hospital staff is already fully vaccinated with Sinovac / Sinopharm. It only makes sense they would pick up the Sino-Virus again.
  9. I reapplied as soon as I saw that it had a tic box for the Phuket sandbox. Entered the first page successfully, and it was quickly put into pre-approved status. And that's where it has stayed since Monday morning. Haven't had a chance to even get to the second page. Boo Hoo!
  10. My COE stalled in pre-approved at the at the embassy. New requirements just released today.. That's it. I give up. I'm out.
  11. I thought that the covid tests would be covered as part of a hotels SHA+ certification. I sent your pic to my hotel and asked for clarification. Thanks for the heads up!
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