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  1. Yep you correct, however many foreigner think that entire thailand is about tourism is not at all just bangkok, phuket and pattaya are the biggest places, the rest is quiet no loud, drunk, rude foreigners... just normal life
  2. Correction...Asking for financial help... because they ended up in a problem they can not handle or solve themself. Begging is completely different, if you call that begging, then whole thailand was begging the last year...
  3. all these red zones is a nonsense Chiang rai, almost no infections and they in the red zone.... someone again made some things so he can keep his job pathetic example Buriram orange zone, has every day a lot more infections then Chiang Rai (red zone) all nonsense and not reliable people making this, who can not do their job correctly
  4. i suggest make a fundraiser.... it is sad but in the end of the day you signed it with knowing what can happen if they do not pay
  5. i agree on it, only thing that can happen is you lose friends, have it all the time in your mind etc. i did loan once 12000 baht to my ex wife friend and i must say she was very good in paying back, she even send an extra 300 baht and when she could not pay for a month she phoned us, i know this is very rare unfortunately
  6. I do not understand what that had to do with my comment... either way I do not have to come in .. I live in Thailand
  7. no words ...Thailand start to be full of clowns ( amazing Circus here)
  8. You know how that goes, paper work backwards and forwards to make it more difficult and to delay things in a pandemic Pandemic or not let's just do the same idiot things that we always do...
  9. Naaah I did help very well, however after they made some very bad decisions, like Songkran... and from there it went bad...again
  10. Well also keep in mind the size and population that they have.. if you only look at the infections is not fair they have a lot bigger population
  11. Thai women between each other yeah, but if you speak to much to them they get tired lol
  12. I assume they do not charge children? Will be a bit insane
  13. Well I isn't really nice...but understandable and it is not extremely high I think.. but it is just... Welcome in Thailand...... eh eh first to the left to pay 500 baht then you welcome... at least AMAZING Thailand stays preserved
  14. They can come on November 1.. but no alcohol until December 1 that means many people still do not come....
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