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  1. Haha useless idea again, but at least to know cigarettes going to be more expensive let's stock in before that.. Thailand keep on dreaming with your billions.. BTW more tax on cigarettes = more black market cigarettes available on the street
  2. Yes normally higher demand price lower, besides here,let make use of it big time
  3. Wow, how low can you go, to steal from the disabled... you have to be the biggest selfish moron in the world... Does it make sense? he was trying to escape into Myanmar, but he is only temporarily suspended..
  4. Well it will be nice if my body let me know it in a more pleasant way
  5. My first shot was not pleasant either but not like the second one, completely drained from energy, pain in the muscles, bones, fever, etc.... Some other people had the same experience, hope for you, you do not get that
  6. First of all I am very against drugs but to put your freedom at risk for 2000 baht, you have to be a moron
  7. I just checked the daily status to see or it goes up where I live, can not really rely on the numbers, but it gives an idea or it is bad or not
  8. Well my second shot of vaccine made me terrible sick, can compare it with dengue fever, besides throwing up.. and I already had dengue fever a few times I just hope we do not need to do more shots seems my body does not like it
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