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  1. Welcome Inland Chris. CNX love it :)
  2. Hi Sanch Don't you just love CM, something about it.
  3. Thanks mate, Yeah, lets hope its a smoother journey back this time than last time I went back:)
  4. Welcome mate, it can only get better
  5. Boney


    Hi Richard, hope you get back soon mate.
  6. Hi Louis, Wont be long mate, keep the chin up.
  7. Hi, I am a Brit, I lived in Phuket for a year (2006) when I was at a loose end and made a visit to the island to see my best mate. RIP I did work in south Thailand back in 1995-1996 when the THB was 110 THB to 1 GBP I met a beautiful girl (as all us budding heterosexuals do) She had a place up in Chiang Mai. So after a year we left the beautiful views, beaches and sea of Kata behind. We drove up to Chiang Mai and that was me hooked with the city. I fell in love with the place. I have been there now for 15 years. Sadly I have had to go to work in China, spending 3 weeks in quarantine, two of the weeks in Shanghai (leave tomorrow) and 1 week in Shandong province. Then its's off to work. Hope to be back in Aug. Not vaccinated yet, farangs weren't being looked at when I left. So let's hope this madness is over when i get back. Open up the bars and serve alcohol in restaurants asp so the community can get back to some normality and people can try and their lives back. The Thaiger news has been keeping me sane, keep up the good work. Thanks; Boney Now, where is that VPN ?
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