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  1. That's Stretching it a bit. Just another Aussie with an inferiority complex but like it or not we are the nearest you will get to having similar outlooks on life.Kiwis excepted.
  2. Hahaha,he knows who he is but i must say he is learning.I thought he would have bombarded me with more insults by now.I think i am warming to him.
  3. I did not mean to include you in this Ryan.All your posts are relevant and often helpfull.It’s just when your fellow countrymen start squabbling between themselves about Trump and Joe it gets a bit tedious to other nationalities.Also there is one bell-end on here who bites all the time and i just can’t help myself.
  4. Hahaha,now now,sticks and stones. "Shameful" give me a fxxking break.
  5. Ok i will try to explain myself a little clearer.Septic Tank is Cockney rhyming slang for Yank. There,that wasn't too bad,was it?
  6. I remember when this forum first started and it was mostly fun.THEN the septic-tanks all joined and it's gone downhill ever since.Fxxking grow up.
  7. Meanwhile Priti has opened with an offer of taking 20,000 Afgan refugees into Britain and that's just the start.That along with the already 6 million muslims we have plus record number of boatloads of Africans arriving every day plus the dregs of Eastern Europeans all on benefits,while our old are freezing in Wintertime and our ex service men sleep in shop doorways.What an absolute fxxk up.
  8. A few of you who live in Phuket will probably have seen this already but since seeing it i've done nothing but chuckle. I had a gf a few years ago who let me into the secrets of what the Thais really think of us and it was quite revealing. Out walking earlier tonight i came across this mural on a wall on 2nd rd Patong and it made my day.I must say it reminded me me of a few old lads up in Pattaya where i live.What does the panel think?
  9. This story is massive in the UK now and should be a major kick up the arse for the anti vaxx loonies but it wont be. I am currently back here for my jabs and in the short 2 years since my last visit things have changed so much.Even my family are telling me what i can and can’t say nowerdays and it looks like the woke brigade and loony left wingers have won the battle to make the rest of the UK conform to their way of thinking.Scary. Of course the lads i grew up with still take the piss but it seems only in the close proximity of close mates.But lads like that are unfortunately a dying breed.Now fatties,spotties,baldies(me) and woe betide people of colour,hahaha get a free pass.Sad.
  10. Tish

    Suspended again.

    That just about sums it up,what planet do these nobs live on?
  11. Tish

    Suspended again.

    Metishead,i think that is his name and another fella called Rimmer.I am still sat on the naughty step waiting for my betters to reprieve me.
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