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  1. Gotta love Thailand. Set a target date 2 weeks from now --> all the details to make that target date workable are TBD.
  2. Good for them to put up a museum about this. It shows Thailand is on a very different level compared to some other countries.
  3. So in front of the police they dress exactly the opposite the way they dress in their videos? In any event, desperate times indeed in Thailand.
  4. a) OnlyFans has been supposedly targeted in Thailand, as reported on Thaiger and elsewhere. b) She advertised her channels, claiming she made 1 million with a big smile/smirk, in a way challenging/daring the cops (i.e. sexy, but not smart). c) She did break Thai law.
  5. So the prosecution's case was akin to: "Did you shoot at that guy across the street?"-->"No, as you can see, no weapon and zero connection with that guy"-->"But we found a guy wounded across the street, arrest him".
  6. "......a resulting outbreak from the reopening would be disastrous for the city." Someone should tell the Governor there is already a resulting outbreak, since July, and more massive than any international traveler would have imagined/brought on.
  7. Statistically, and practically, all of them. Reports vary in the vaccination rates, but most reported 75% of the Phuket population had been vaccinated by early July, and 80%-85% by August.......the vast majority with Sinovac.
  8. Quite correct. Phuket got 6 million foreign tourists in 2019 (and 4 million Thai tourists). That's an average of 16,000 a day, and on the high season probably hitting over 25,000 a day. Basically the Phuket sandbox has managed to attract about 3%-4% of the pre-Covid tourism. According to TAT, that's a success.
  9. Wrong calculation before. I think Soidog's guess is right, they may be counting eligible population.
  10. I love the charges of "drug use and coercion using a weapon." They forgot the charge of "rerouting a public bus".
  11. Except that in a very recent study, reported by the BKK Post, Sinovac induced antibodies halve every 40 days. So maybe they mean "herd immunity" the natural way + vaccines, which raises the question of what their true case count is. One thing's for sure, China doesn't count asymptomatic cases in its tally. Which is basically "cheating...in your face". Something that China is kinda accustomed to of course.
  12. Developing your own vaccines in the middle of a pandemic that has taken hold on locally (7-8 months after vaccines became available) is not exactly timely not very effective. Should have forked out the money back in January.
  13. The Sutthisan area is known for its new condos and its old glitzy gaudy massage parlors catering to Thais. But why should a pesky little thing called Covid stop the birthday celebrations.
  14. Except that the virus doesn't last long on non-living objects. In this case, by the time the durian was put into crates, and then into some storage, and then into cartons, and then into a flight, about 3-4 days would have passed, minimum. The trolley or basket handle, on the other hand, is susceptible simply because someone touches it every few minutes. This "practice" by China is getting old. They used it often last year to blame local infections on foreigners.
  15. Except the Thai PBS article doesn't say "she was tested for Covid and found positive", it says "died early this morning (Saturday) of a COVID-19 related illness." Now, Covid might not be the only contributing factor in this case, but it has been established that it precipitates massive and lethal complications. And btw, at over 450 posts, one has to wonder what is your "agenda" here.
  16. The math is not flawed, it's just that you tried to justify the low level of testing, which coincidentally would also be the Thai government's line (and motive, i.e. low testing -> low case numbers). 15,000 tests a day in April-June is atrocious. So is 50,000-60,000 tests in July-August. When all along Malaysia, for example, has been testing at 120,000 a day. You're also wrong about the high-low risk groups and positive rates. I was reading a report where doctors claim that if your positivity rate is around 10%, then you're not testing enough.
  17. Actually we're not that far away from that time-frame already. Thailand has been carrying out 50,000-60,000 tests a day since July, and finding 15,000-22,000 cases a day. You can do the arithmetic, 30%-36% positive rate. If they were testing at a serious level, like Malaysia's for example, and doing 100,000-200,000 tests a day, they would find 50,000-75,000 cases a day(?). In overcrowded places like some BKK districts you can assume 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 is, or has been, infected.
  18. I agree with Soidog and ExpatTom. But to the author/OP, I don't think "Thai food" should be listed at all, especially at #1. a) It indirectly shows a dearth of pros to choose from. b) I don't think anyone moves to (or even travels to) any country for the food.
  19. Folks, it's all about testing. No testing--> no cases, low testing--> 15,000-20,000 cases, as in Thailand. Thailand is conducting about 50,000-60,000 tests a day since July (before that it was 15,000-20,000). Malaysia, by comparison, is conducting 100,000-120,000 tests a day, at less than half the population. So, if they were testing at the Malaysia level, would they have 50,000 to 100,000 daily cases? You be the judge. Also, while Malaysia has fully vaccinated about 25% of its population, Thailand is only at about 6%. Double whammy basically.
  20. Even by their own numbers it doesn't look like much of a success. a) 59,000 baht pp is not impressive when you consider that the hotel alone cost at least around 40,000-45,000 baht. b) For perspective, Phuket in 2019 was getting an average of about 500,000 foreign tourists a month.
  21. Enjoy Bangkok after the 2-week quarantine, and enjoy the rest of Thailand after the Phuket sandbox. The basic mistake people made when looking at Thailand back in May-June was that they took the daily case numbers back then (3,000-4,000) at face value. "Ah, not too bad, better than at home, let's book a trip". The Thais themselves know that the daily numbers reported are to be used with a multiplier of 5-10. Second mistake was "Quite sure they'll catch up with vaccinations soon."
  22. Basically, "You shouldn't have gone to Phuket in the first place".
  23. Terrible news. The owners/operators I believe also own the original and bigger one in Srinakarin. To people commenting about the real estate itself, this sits behind Esplanade mall, away from Ratchadapisek. So it can only be practically developed as a condo, not office tower or a shopping mall.
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