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  1. I don't know any police but it seems to me ALL the Thai police are corrupt and focus on collecting money rather than policing?
  2. He didn't take kindly to that, a foreigner telling a Thai what to do in his own backyard. I was interested to know its its legal or illegal?
  3. Is it legal to burn off rubbish in your house? I see this guy in Cherntalay Phuket doing it every week causing toxic pollution.
  4. 1. Not if it requires dealing with a Thai Embassy or Consulate to get a COE 2. Being forced to purchase Covid insurance even when fully vaccinated 3. Being forced to stay in a SHA hotel in Phuket
  5. Is Prayut Chan-o-cha a buffalo or what? How is the United States a low risk country with up to 200,000 cases per day? In NSW Australia, there's less than 500 cases per day with nearly 80% fully vaxxed and more than 90% single vaxxed but Australia is not on the low risk country list.
  6. No problem, i'll stay 5 weeks less every year which will cost them 100,000 baht a year. They're greedy little monkeys milking tourists to make up for their losses.
  7. Lowlife Americans causing trouble in Thailand. This happens so many times. Time to start screening single American men before they arrive because they give all foreigners a bad name.
  8. This guy gives foreigners a bad name in Thailand. Lock him up and deport him banned for life.
  9. There's no risk for corrupt police when the punishment is "transferred to an inactive post".
  10. "The rate of fully vaccinated Aussies currently stands at 38%". No dummy, its 52% fully vaxxed.
  11. You're only supposed to use your horn to avoid a collision and not for other reasons. The guy should be fined for that.
  12. Cook and his wife released. Bagnato murder charges downgraded to assault. And now they're going after someone else. It seems they all paid to go free and now they'll go after someone else to get another bribe. The Thai judicial system is corrupt to the core.
  13. Israel are already offering 3rd booster shots and talking about 4th shots because clearly, 2 shots doesn't provide long lasting protection. They have days of more than 50 deaths even when 80% are vaccinated proving the vaccine is less than 50% effective. The biggest risk factor for covid is obesity and anxiety. The government should be focusing on fixing these underlying health conditions.
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