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  1. It's obvious that you, and most others, haven't a clue regarding history. Your Eurocentric historic perspective shines through. Never mind.
  2. Most will struggle with the language, especially when attempting to put the all-purpose Occidental twist on everything. It doesn't work like that.
  3. Hence the term: South China Sea ...and have dominated the region for centuries.
  4. Though, not official as of yet - but I believe the new selected opening is abiding by lifting of the quarantine, which includes the cancelling of the COE and insurance BS. I've been reading a number of articles regarding just this.....the associated details. The only requirements are: pre-flight RT-PCR testing and than again when arriving here. Nothing has gone up, officially, on any of the worldwide Thai Embassy/Consulate sites as of yet - expect the changes regarding COE/Ins to be posted soon.
  5. That's why they're proceeding cautiously and limiting entry. It's really not a helter skelter plan as some are making it out to be.
  6. Indeed. For a year [pre-mass vaccine era], Thailand was rated top 3 or 4 in the world for very low risk. Societally, seemed to be handling it extremely well. Then.....April of this year the bottom fell out. A combination of weariness and indifference to protocol practice coupled with Delta and the mangled and mismanaged early vaccine program - all went to sh*t.
  7. Don't expect all to be on the same page. The general clusterphuck rule would apply.
  8. It probably does matter for those who have the deepest bug up their arse regarding anything/everything China and Chinese - for they have little else in their lives.
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