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  1. Similar here in CM. The market that was closed two weeks ago because of a Covid outbreak, opened again today. However, there is a thermometer check at entrances and vendors must have proof of vaccination. As nearly nobody was vaccinated, the market is now "open" but 95% of stalls are closed. It can take a while before infected sick vendors have recovered. And it takes even longer for those who were in the clear to be double jabbed, while the government for now is only "considering" sending the vaccines. Same as with the south, you wonder why they haven't sent them earlier with the massive number of 178.2m doses they throw around. Or why they now have to "consider" it. And then the 1m donated Pfizer and 3m donated Moderna that they are delaying with paperwork on the Thai side. If there isn't a vaccine shortage, they are wilfully negligent by not providing them. And if despite their bragging with big numbers they're still short, then it's pure incompetence not to get on with getting the donations to Thailand quicker.
  2. Just like the 1m Pfizer doses, the government is said to be slow with the required paperwork for acquiring the Moderna doses that are ready for donation. Strange that a country in need of doses isn't cooperating more when free vaccines are offered. Also, as I expected, it is now reported that Molnupiravir will be acquired from a generic Indian producer. Source: BP https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2202775/thammasat-frustrated-by-vaccine-delay
  3. Oh, come on, you've decided already? I'd been looking forward to the ones asking here every day if they could maybe have a drink from 1 December onwards and were holding out for that. Or maybe the government are just waiting for Christmas to allow everyone half a pint of beer or a small glass of wine with the turkey and sprouts
  4. Most replies are amusing. As if all the market stalls and small businesses that closed in the last few years are going to come back with proper investment, business plans, Michelin star chefs and English speaking waiters in tuxedo to cater for the rich Thailand is not in any position to make demands and should be thankful for anyone jumping through impossible hoops to come here. Later, when they're in a position of luxury again (maybe) they might try and cherry pick. And only if meanwhile they use some of the income to improve services. But certainly not now. (But by all means try, it will just keep it quieter and safer for the ones already here)
  5. With just over one week to go, there can be no doubt that it's deliberately meant to confuse. Creating the PR impression that all is done for opening up, whilst putting most off of coming here. All without using the words "delay" or "not ready yet".
  6. See above Because it takes time to get the results and those who test positive don't need to be vaccinated for 3-6 months. Those vaccines are better used for others first.
  7. Yeah, one more reason to go to or stay in Thailand. Government so much more foreigner friendly here
  8. Good choice to give the plans a wide spread from 2023-2027, as it won't happen soon and by 2027 nobody will remember this story anymore.
  9. You're making the mistake many make and is exactly why the government here publish it like this. There are not 10.000 infections in Thailand per day. There are 10.000 infections out of the 35.000-40.000 tests they do. That is approx 1 in 4. Same for the UK. 50.000 positives out of approx 1 million tests, that is 1 in 50. So actually 12 times less safe here.
  10. Depends on how much of that stack of cash hidden in your lockup garage you're bringing to Thailand
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