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  1. Just curious, but what is your reasoning for wanting to buy instead of continuing to rent? The rental market in Thailand is always in the renters favor and you don't get locked into a single location in case the building maintenance is poor or the neighbors are undesirable. I feel like this is a western mindset that we need to 'own' something, I constantly struggle with this myself, but always open to hear other perspectives. Hi @TiT, our landlord is retiring next year and has informed us they are selling off all of their properties. We can either buy or move on, the temptation to buy is great because you will never own anything paying rent. our main problem is the horizon is getting further away.
  2. If you are referring to the school at, 75 Moo 9 ถนน สุขุมวิท 107 Samrong Nuea, Mueang, Samut Prakan, try the link below and copy it into the search bar. You will find several short reviews of the school. https://www.google.com/search?q=saint+joseph+bangna&rlz=1C1EODB_enIE954IE954&oq=Saint+Joseph+Bangna&aqs=chrome.0.0i355j46i175i199j0i22i30l2.23798j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x30e2a06c098e612f:0xfee6f9f11e4e7bea,1,,,
  3. In all seriousness, my husband reckons it will be an Italy v England final and England winning in extra time.
  4. What can i say @AussieBob" Football coming home"
  5. Help Phuket Today is a grassroots charity started by local Thai and Expat volunteers helping desperately poor Thai and migrant families whose incomes and lives have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.facebook.com/HELPPHUKETTODAY/?eid=ARBZLehYQWZ-YGXZPhBJNHDE83YmDY1F1OciRcMRCcy2je06jHOjr3qM7Fkyaapzt0nFavMAE8d8OhtD
  6. Fork and spoon are the main utensils, however noodles may be eaten with chopsticks, a knife is never used for Thai food
  7. Buddhists believe that life does not begin with birth and end with death. The belief is that every person has several lives based upon life that has not yet lived and learned and acts committed in previous lives
  8. Mission accomplished and had to share with my son, we will be back very soon.
  9. Hi Tommy, There is no way to block it as it is pointing the reader to the App. On the pop up window-top right corner, you will find an X, that will allow you to close the window. That is what i have been doing on my phone since i signed up.
  10. Thank you JamesE, going to visit it, is it open with covid 19 restrictions or closed, just asking to save myself the trip.
  11. I like those colorful Hawaiian style shirts and so much better than the normal of all white or all blue.
  12. Happy Husband and pleased to be proven wrong and he acknowledges it was not the best game of football and has pointed out there were good signs of improvement within the team.
  13. Ah no AussieBob and another day of him being devastated awaits me!!
  14. Mighty England play early tomorrow morning our time and husband is very nervous about this match and reckons it will be another draw and England will finish 2nd in the group.
  15. Thank you King Cotton and just after scrolling back to see the conversation between the two of you and will do the uttermost best to adopt the approach.
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