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  1. Ok, I understand, JohninDubin. Yay Manchester City!!!
  2. Pad kra pao… similar to earlier dish, but with chicken not mix seafood. I like this one!
  3. Manchester City No comment allowed @JohninDubin? Just team name?
  4. I want to try that KaptainRob, thank you! And I agree about fresh young coconut not canned. I have to check here about ingredients. Just one small Thai supermarket. It sounds awesome
  5. Very simple Indonesian dish, noodles with oyster sauce, beef meatballs, spinach, egg and green chilis. Does not look great but good taste, I promise!
  6. Yes @gummyI went there with electric bicycle. No gasoline :)
  7. I want to try the northern Chiang Mai dishes more. Until now, I like and cook Isaan food. Why is the northern dish less spicy? I want to learn more.
  8. Today I went to the Thai supermarket here to buy special ingredients. And tonight's dinner is Mix seafood stir fry with veggies and holy Thai basil. Tasted good!
  9. Your dishes are always great @Lowseasonlover!!!
  10. Before and after… Baked bell peppers with pepperoni, olives, ground beef, side dish spaghetti aglio e olio…
  11. I think you win the day MrStretch. I want that lunch
  12. Shrimp tofu curry with tomato base and soybean paste. This is an Indonesian dish, but I use the “healthy boy” brand soy bean paste from Thailand to make a Thai flavor.
  13. Looks yummy, JamesE. Now I’m gonna post my tofu dish soon!
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