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  1. I will be the first one to admit I am not sinless Colin, I have faults and problems like we all do. However, I have seen the aftermath and consequences, it isn’t pretty. Reporting on it is one thing, showcasing some pimp bitching because he can’t be a pimp is quite another.
  2. Dear Thaiger, Unfortunately I just heard a stinking SOB of a creep who runs a girly bar, where he is upset that he can not even live stream the whoring of disadvantaged young Thai women. Wow. If I ever see a Thaiger program showcasing an F’ing piece of S-!t pimp again, I will stop all financial support. How pathetic, disgusting, and vile. Hey Thaiger News, want to become a legitimate news source, stay away A-holes like that and report on how to stop such horrible behavior, not celebrate it. Shame on you guys. Very dissappointed, Kevin Tanner
  3. Wow, not only are you ignorant concerning US History, you really need to get a life.
  4. What in God’s name has taken this guy so long to figure it out?! Kind of a day late and a dollar short I think. They should have looked into optimizing and increasing their manufacturing volume a year ago! Oh but the profit? How many people need to die before they are willing to manufacture at zero profit? Such a hero………
  5. Any reason why the home tests are not accepted?
  6. I do not trust and can not advocate the acceptance of Sinovac or any other Chinese manufactured vaccine. They have no quality control. Basically worthless against B/D variants of covid. I am not a Doctor, but I have read more than one disappointing report concerning the efficacy of that vaccine. Sure, there are some problems with some of the other vaccines, but the numbers are way lower for Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna. I am not a fan of J&J either, but again, from what I have read, even J&J “seems” to have a better track record. Look, I am not, repeat NOT an expert or a medically train MD. I am only sharing what I have read, watched, or seen first hand. So please, do your own research, and at least try to make the most informed decision you can when choosing a vaccine if you haven’t gotten one yet. My kids and I got the Pfizer vaccine and had zero problems. No, I do not work for or hold stock in Pfizer. Just one guys opinion, KT50
  7. Tim, You are exactly correct, mask wearing in the USA has very much become a political issue, not a health issue, as is getting or not getting vaccinated. It is truly sickening how politics has crept into almost all areas of life here in America. Kevin Tanner Praying the covid restrictions go away soon.
  8. How much worse can this get before the Thai people take their country back and or at least demand some accountability from the people who are failing them? I can see no reason to visit Thailand, when there are so many more welcoming and nice places with much better vaccination rates and few, if any, restrictions on “FARANGS”.
  9. Does anyone here REALLY believe there won’t be an E, F, G, H, etc “variant” of covid? It is a virus. Viruses mutate. Viruses spread. Wear a mask if you like, yes a vaccine may help, but there is not now, nor has there ever been a total 100% cure/fix/stop to a virus. EVER. It is not going away. It will continue to unfortunately end the lives of some. For those of us still alive, how about we start living.
  10. For the sake of the Thai people, I hope it works, but I can not see this drawing many folks. Way to many restrictions and absolutely vague information concerning specifics.
  11. My question is why do people still think this sandbox model will work?
  12. Why would the Thai Military not stop that and protect the boarder?
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