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  1. Need coverage for age 78 person. Insurance companies listed in Thaiger all cut off at age 75
  2. Any sources for Covid insurance for the healthy over 75 set? We're condo owners in THailand, have the appropriate bank accounts for long stay Non O visas, now expired. We want to return to Thailand, seems the insurance folks have nothing for older folks. How to qualify for the reentry requirements if one is MATURE in years? Resource info welcome
  3. It's about time. We are "used to" seasonal flu, drunk drivers, robberies, fires, floods etc. The government is not your boss. Act according to your preferences and accept the results...it's Life!
  4. I am pleased the death rate is 1.7% and not 3% among those who get covid. Reread: I said if you are afraid of the vaccine side effects (and hence, of getting covid) stay home. From July 14th NBC news "Young, unvaccinated people are showing up at hospitals with Covid-19 — in some cases being admitted to intensive care and put on ventilators — in disturbing numbers, health officials across the country [USA] have warned. Yes, the vaccines from different sources are still experimental but the vaccinated people don't get covid or get a very mild case. I would not get vaccines from some sources. One should do ones research "We are seeing patients in their 20s and 30s who are otherwise healthy who are coming because of worsening symptoms," a Kansas doctor said Young, unvaccinated people are being hospitalized with Covid-19 as delta variant spreads, officials warn "We are seeing patients in their 20s and 30s who are otherwise healthy who are coming because of worsening symptoms," a Kansas doctor said.
  5. If you are scared of vaccine side effects, stay home. Being sick from covid has greater risks. 3% die. About 10% have after effects from the pneumonia, other lingering health problems. Ivermectin an anti parasitic, is shown to be an effective treatment. In the USA where I am now, the young, previously unvaccinated, and anti vaxers are overloading the hospitals as me cases surge. A few already vaccinated do get the new variant but it doesn't go into pneumonia. So, like all lifestyle choices, you choose. That said, It is tragic that Thailand vac supplies aren't sufficient. so you can't get access to the vaccine, a different matter altogether. Stay well, wash hands, social distance. Blessings
  6. Onerous requirements is right. As we would love to return to our home away from home for 30 years, the requirements for vaccinated long stay residents are simply too much hassle. There are many other delightful places to live or visit to deal with the aggro of compliance with the restrictions. Plus I have international insurance, and am unwilling to buy "special" Thai insurance. Plus, they won't sell a policy to anyone over age 70. So age discrimination!!! will keep a lot of travelers away from Thailand as well. I feel sorry for the people of Thailand who depend on the tourist industry for their daily rice bowl. But the ones who make decisions are removed from the plight of those who actually work for a living.
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