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  1. This is about Thailand, who incidentally do drive on the correct side of the road, and for the life in me I cannot see them changing that just to please a few expats who happen to drive on right in their respective countries.
  2. They are the most inconsiderate drivers in the Milky Way, have you ever been to Thailand? If a Thai flashes you he is not saying 'you first' he is saying get out of my way or I will kill you. Thanks for the laugh anyway.
  3. Can you hear any ticking coming from the bottles William?
  4. I'm banking on the rest of the opposition to have been eliminated by then.
  5. Can I chose Chelsea as well, infact I would be quite happy to chose any team that plays Norwich every week apart from Leeds who they play the following week.
  6. Decided to become a vegan, it's not that bad really if you add some meat or cheese to it.
  7. The peach wine seems to have a lot of pulp in it, reracked yesterday and degassed it but in all honesty not a lot of gas was released, added the Bentonite, did do a taste test prior to all the degassing etc and this one was ultra dry also. OG was 1.090 and the FG is 0.998, with an abv of about 12%. It is yellow but with being in a blue bottle it gives the impression of being a toxic green colour.
  8. The port is ready for labeling, didn't add any Bentonite to the brew but clearing up quite nicely, still has a slight haze to it. Very drinkable though. The Red has cleared up but still not chrystal clear, I did add Bentonite to this. Tried a drop last night and it was very crispy dry, much too dry for me so added a touch of honey and it tasted wonderful. Might have to rack it yet again and add some potassium sorbate as I am hoping to sweeten the wine before bottling.
  9. Most of them were young children and babies.........totally crazy....hopefully they were all wearing their lucky amulets.
  10. We were coming out of BigC car park and I kid you not there were 9 people on a scooter, admittedly the baby sat at the rear of the scooter was probably there just for ballast.
  11. I like to think that I follow the road signs to the letter, especially when I'm paralytic. The Thais were good enough to put up signs telling drivers to drive slower if they are drunk, I took this advice and arrived safely home, I did look at the car the next day and it did have few damaged panels, probably kids messing about during the night. it is an idea I think would work in the UK.
  12. I think you are under estimating scooter riders, I personally have found them to be the safest and aware road users on Thai roads, and as for carrying an umbrella, many use this as a drag parachute in an emergency stop just as a fighter plane would.
  13. I am not a techy, but what I do to get rid of those annoying pop-ups is to open Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots, click on 'site settings' and then disable 'JavaScript.' An added bonus is you can read the daily papers without subscribing. Works for me anyway, good luck.
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