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  1. Upgraded two of my PCs today, no problems whatsoever. Only problem was my ZXR soundcard defaulted to 5.1 instead of stereo, and System Restore turned itself OFF. Turned back on, made a new Acronis back-up.
  2. That is why they have the Insiders option, so they can report any bugs before release.
  3. HKEY LOCAL/SYSTEM/SETUP/MoSETUP/AllowUpgradesWith UnsupportedTPMor CPU = 1 (not 0). Done it on two older PCs today. Running perfectly.
  4. Was the wiper & lights stick on the same side on your last car? Learn to live with this minor change.
  5. You can put the taskbar wherever you want it to be. Right click and 'align to the left'. Done. You cannot have it vertically, but who wants that?
  6. I want to go to Dubai to see my sons and families. I have lived here 10 years, not been out of the country for 3 years, have a Retirement Extension and will get a re-entry permit. I am double Pfizered. Will I still need this insurance to get back into Thailand?
  7. Is that 3 million not just for Covid cover? I could get a heart transplant for 3 million.
  8. I went to Kasikorn Bank yesterday because that was through whom my transfer on Monday to Bangkok Bank, my Preferred bank, went, arriving at Bkk as a Local transfer not International. After a while on Google Translate to show what Credit Advice meant, and a few phone calls to Head Office, they printed one out for me which showed the date, to whom the money went and my account number, who sent it, address and account number, and the amount. Free of charge! I hope this will be accepted by my IO next month.
  9. From recent Wise emails. Make of these what you will. We can't guarantee exclusive routing that will show the payment as an international transfer, It’s because of how we work: when you send money with us, we use our Thai banking partners to send out your money locally. It doesn’t cross any borders, so it doesn’t show up as a foreign transaction. Your primary bank account - which is the account that transfers will automatically go to is indeed with Bangkok Bank I already coordinated your question to our Payments team and they mentioned that transfers sent through Bangkok Bank and Kbank will arrive as local transfers. Yes, choosing your transfer doesn't automatically mean that your payment will be routed to Bangkok Bank. There's no issue on our end. Wise is not authorized by the Bank of Thailand to issue FET forms. It’s because of how we work: when you send money with us, we use our Thai banking partners to send out your money locally. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your money will be sent out through your preferred partner bank. As a resolution to this, you can always ask our partner bank for the FET form directly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the money will be sent out to your preferred partner bank. If you know you definitely need a FET, it’s best that you send a SWIFT transfer with your bank this time. SWIFT is a more expensive method, because it’s not a local transfer. But it does mean you’ll be able to prove that the money came from abroad. Yes, it can be routed to Bangkok Bank. However, as mentioned in my previous email, we cannot guarantee that the money will be sent out to your preferred partner bank. There are unforeseen scenario where a certain partner might be facing a technical/liquidity issue and the system will route the payment via another available partner to ensure same day delivery. We used different partner banks to process your transfer but our transfer method is still the same. You can also choose "Buying Property Abroad" or "Funds For Long Term Stay in Thailand" as transfer purpose so that it can be routed through Bangkok Bank.
  10. Thanks for this explanation. However, how then could Bht 50,000 transfers from my Wise THB account on 1st Sept. & Oct. go directly to my Bangkok Bank and be coded FTT and arrive at the normal time of 14.04 and not instantly? There is no foreign element to these transfers, but Bangkok Bank coded them as such. I know you are trying to explain things to me, but I have learned from both emails from Wise, and other forums that it is Bangkok Bank who code it as FTT, not used by other Thai banks, and I must ask, say, Kasikorn for Credit Advice to show that it WAS an International Transfer if it did, as it has recently, gone through them. I do this yesterday for the £50 I sent on Monday.
  11. Nothing like stating the obvious.
  12. Once again wrong Faz. The FTT code is put on at this, the Thai end, nothing to do with Wise. That is why I have had FTTs with all three methods. End of it.
  13. I give up on you Faz, it is you who does not seem to understand, and state the same thing over & over again. Yesterday I made a transfer funding directly from my Nationwide account to be sent for long term stay to my Primary (tagged) Bangkok Bank. It arrived instantly via Kasikorn, who today supplied me with the Credit Advice necessary to show the IO that it WAS from abroad, so now my personal problem is solved I hope. I am talking about weekend transfers, I understand that banks do not work then. But you have contradicted yourself by saying 'and if you have enough funds in your Wise account will electronically transfer that over the weekend period.' I already have sufficient funds in both my GBP & THB accounts and have done successful transfers from both of them in the past. Let's end our conversations about this now please.
  14. After yesterday's Wise transfer, for long term stay, from my Nationwide to Bangkok Bank and showing as a local transfer as it was routed through Kasikorn Bank, I went this morning to Kasikorn and after a few Google Translate messages, got the Credit Advice document for that particular transaction, free of charge. It does however still say Transferwise as the sending bank, and Travel Expenses as the reason for the transfer instead of long term stay. I hope it satisfies my friendly Immigration Officer.
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